Monday, April 13, 2009

T Minus 7

One week to go. We're still looking at Monday, April 20th for the due date. I really don't have anything to report. We're waiting. Our bags are (still) packed from the March 31st due date fiasco. I wish that never happened; all the emotion of waiting was poured into it, then nothing. So in a way it feels like we're two weeks overdue and counting. It's hard to concentrate on anything. The worst is when you have nothing to do. We did our usual household cleanup on Saturday, and Sunday went to my parent's house for Easter brunch. We were back home before two o' clock, and I felt like I was sitting around just waiting. Then I remember about the people who have been waiting for years, or had birth mothers that changed their minds at birth after a long wait, or (worse) had the child for a day or two and then had it reclaimed, and all the other horrible adoption nightmares. I feel like it's wrong for me to be this wound up over an extra 20 day wait. Still when the call could come at any moment, and you're a state away, it's nerve wracking. I'm so glad I have Gregg, The Boys, and my friends and family to lean on. Oh and gin. I'm glad we have gin too. Hee hee.


Michelle said...

Your human. It's not wrong. We felt that way too waiting for Kayla's birth. We found out about her when she was 7 months pregnant so we had a 2 month wait. Which I'd rather go through then have the due date changed on me! I cant imagine how you guys feel!

lol, that comment you made about her doing that picture when she's 18 was hilarious. Made me laugh.

mommy3 said...

Your note made me laugh -- yes, thank goodness for wine in my case, ha. Waiting is part of what makes us appreciate our children and their birthparents! You'll make it. . .

Foley Family said...

Hi Guys! I am a fellow IAC alum and i am getting a kick out of your blog. The wait sucks but it is all forgotten once you hold your baby in your arms. Take this time to go out and do some fun stuff together because your life will never be the same again ... in a good way!

Good Luck!

P.S. I love the pink and green room, our daughter's room is pink and green.

Two Moms With A Plan said...

So... I read this on another blog 'Baby Mac... Where are you?' and thought of you.

Check this out -