Friday, April 10, 2009

T Minus 10, Take 2

Well there are 10 days left to go. Today is Good Friday, the day when, after one last supper, Jesus was put on the cross because he had hidden everyone's eggs which really angered his Peeps (or at least that's my understanding of it).

Yesterday we received a nice email from "Lucy":

Hello Bobby and Greg, Well I had the final ultrasound today and the baby is looking good. Good spine, all fingers and toes in tact. I was even able to see her little face and chubby cheeks. Heart beat was good and she gave the techs a show. Well that's all for now till the 15th. Until then or baby comes talk to you later.

I still don't think this is going to go the distance. Maybe this weekend?


Two Moms With A Plan said...

I just love your explaination of Easter!!

Tofu at the Lilth Fair... never gonna happen`... I hate tofu!

Michelle said...

LOL, love your understanding of Good Friday. I like that.

Your baby girl sounds so sweet already from the the doctors a show, chubby cheeks. I cant wait to see pictures of her.

C Moe said...

I so loved that explanation of Easter... gotta share it...