Friday, April 17, 2009

T Minus 3; Cupcakes & Pride

Three to go...I think I'll email Lucy today to see how she's feeling. I'll make another post later to give you an update. Excitement is building; family and friends are now calling or emailing daily looking for Finster. Like it might slip our minds to tell them.

I was reading Andrew's Daddies blog, and Paul is making cupcakes. I want to make treats like that for Finster! Paul's doing it all wrong though, so if you're reading, here is my recipe for making fabulous cupcakes:

1-Announce (loudly) to no one in particular, "I'm going to make cupcakes!"
2-Make a lot of noise in the kitchen, looking for cupcake making things.
3-Yell upstairs, "Hey I can't find the blender!".
4-After the response of "You don't use a blender to make cupcakes", wait a few seconds then respond "Oh".
5-Make some more noise, then yell "Which cups should I use?". There will be silence.
6-Over the sound of the blender, yell "How much glitter do you put in?"
7-Pretend to look shocked and hurt when your boyfriend the chef comes downstairs, glares at you, then begins making delicious cupcakes from scratch.
8-Wash away the hurt with a dirty Sapphire Gin Martini, two olives, while he bakes.
9-Enjoy a cupcake!


This weekend also happens to be Phoenix Pride. We have an early one because it's either that or bake to death in the June sun. Gregg and I aren't really Pride fanatics, if you ask me they were more relevant in the 90's. For me the party factor has been amped up tremendously, and I bet more then half of the pretty young things trouncing around half naked have no idea what type of issues are being debated in state capitols around the country that will ultimately affect them and their relationships. We went last year, and since we had just begun Project Baby, stopped at the Lambda Legal both to find out what we should have in place locally to protect our family. I was in stunned shock when the two hot lawyers at the booth looked at us like we had three heads and acted like they didn't even know gay people knew kids existed. Zero help or knowledge. Now that's not an indictment of that group as a whole, but come on, it's not like gay adoption is a tiny issue. (Using "indictment" in a statement about lawyers is pretty clever huh?) I love a good party as much as anyone, but it just seems without the dreaded "homosexual agenda" of political speeches and rallies Pride just doesn't seem to matter as much anymore. I guess that's why we only go about every two or three years or so.

Or, maybe I'm just old. Ugh.


Bella Daddy said...

We are SO there with you on the issue of Pride Celebrations...or rather, NOT there with you LOL...Kudos!

Maybe someday, we can have our own "Family Pride" parties...hire a sitter for the kids upstairs, and have cocktails down...:-) (yeah, we do this for her birthday parties now) Shhhh!

Bobby said...

Cool I'll bring the cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys have a gay parents group in Phoenix? If not, start one and create the best damn float in the parade next year. Picture your little one-year-old in a tiara... swoon.

Our gay parents group (in Seattle) has a stroller drill team as well, but that's not fun after the kids get heavier. If you're fabulous enough to get a float, by all means... enjoy the ride and adoration, right?

Food for thought... to go along with those cupcakes!

Not that it matters, but I have a weird feeling that today may be your baby day. Good luck!

Two Moms With A Plan said...

LMAO! I just love the cupcake recipe!

C.I.W. said...

I needed a good laugh. thank you! :)

We have a 3 day pride in Milwaukee- and lucky enough that it mixes in a LOT of history, and also, family events!!!

Andrew's Daddies said...

I was so excited after reading your comment, I had a pen and paper ready to take down the recipe...
I think I stopped somewhere at blender...


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh are sooo SMART! Makes me want cupcakes now.
By the way....THANK YOU for the package. It was totally unexpected and now Kayla has meaningful butterflies in her room. They remind us of great Aunt Deb.

john said...

that is too funny..thanks for the laugh bobby. I do that with every recipe...

Tim and Louie said...

Actually, you may want to rethink pride. Every year my husband and I see more and more families with children and tons of couples.

They also had a "Kids Space" within the festival that featured a Bouncy Castle, Pony rides and a petting zoo!

Perhaps our gay community is growing up? Not all, granted. But, it certainly is taking another road. It's no longer just about the parties.