Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Back Surgery AGAIN!

My partner Gregg has had three back surgeries to date, the last one was in May of 2014.  He now has to go in for yet another one.  Too look at him you wouldn't realize how much pain he is on a daily basis....he's a big guy and goes to the gym regularly.  At this point he has to do that because due to the nature of his degenerating discs, nerve impulses are blocked to certain areas.  The last three surgeries were on his lower back, and his right leg has atrophied to where it is visibly smaller than his left.  This surgery will be on his upper back, as the same thing is starting on his arm.  He created a Go Fund Me to help with the cost, as the out of pocket is upwards of $15,000 after the insurance payout!  If anyone would like to share the link around the Intertubz, I pasted it below.

Thanks all!