Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hair by Grandmama

Grandmama has a client for hair today!

This salon has rice crackers!

Grandmama's working hard on this one!

Hair is done, now for lunch...

Another satisfied client!

Friday, November 27, 2009

What's In a Word?

Ah children.  You give them so much, but it's the little things they reward you with.  We try to give Sabrina the best we can.  A comfy car seat.  Heating her bottles just the way she likes them.  Only fresh steamed mashed veggies.  Boxes of pretty dresses.  An army of stuffed animals.  All for her.  All the classic Disney movies.  And so tonight we leaned in close to hear her speak for the very first time.  She looked lovingly into the eyes of her adoring fathers, smiled, pursed her lips, and spoke her first word.


Wha--?  Did she just--

"Mama. Mama.  Mamamamamamamamama MAMA!"

I'm sorry there must be some mistake.  We're your fathers, so we're sure "Dada" or "Papa" was what you really meant to--


Sigh.  That's it.  We're totally spending the next fifteen or so years gathering pictures and video to completely embarass her every day of high school.  Just wait.  The class of 2027 will see that revenge is sweet.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

My first attempt at pig tails!

I'm sure I'm the umpteenth parent today to post about how grateful I am for my baby, and I am.  Gregg and I love her to death; she's the best thing to ever happen to us.  I'm thankful for him as well, for being my best friend and my soulmate.  Those things go without saying.  So my post today is really for Sabrina's birthmother.

For you, I can't begin to say how I feel about what you've done.  You have made a decision that has changed the lives of all of us forever.  I cannot begin to understand how you came to that decision, but I am thankful you did.  You have given us a gift that no one else could, made our family whole by giving us Sabrina.  She is the light of our lives and the focus of everything we do from now on.  She's like a magical being come to live with us, sharing her love and laughter and being loved back by us and our families.  I can't describe how much I'm in love with her, and I know Gregg feels the same.  For this, we can never thank you enough.  For me, you will always be the first thought of my Thanksgiving.

Also, I'm thankful for pasta.  I love pasta.
Oh and DVR's.  Aren't they great?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Toothy Grin

I've been off blogging for about two weeks now...whoops.  Things have been busy lately.  We (well mostly my sisters) have put together a big surprise 40th birthday party for my sister Kathleen, and we snuck in a bunch of relatives from back East.  For most of them it was the first time they met Sabrina, so for a few days her feet never touched the ground as she got passed from one new person to the next.  If that was not enough, she got her first tooth on the day of the party, November 7th.  Parties, gatherings, restaurants, a new tooth, and not one minute of crankiness out of her.  If anything she was in her element; she loves attention and parties.  She loves to hear the phrase "Who's gonna wear a pretty dress today?".  That's my girl!

Tooth number two made it's appearance yesterday.  For the most part, she still hasn't really complained, at least not the way I've heard it described by people who have kids that have gone through this already.  It has affected her mood a little though.  Today we were going to have our first "official" portrait of the family done.  We wanted to wait until Sabrina could sit up good on her own before doing pictures, and she's been doing that for a while now.  So we went to Target's portrait center.  She was in a good mood, but she absolutely refused to smile.  In every shot looks like she's going to kill someone.  Not a crying face, but an attitude face.  An "Oh no you don't" face.  After 30 or so tries, we decided this wasn't going to work, so we're going back to try again on Tuesday.  This blog is full of smiling pictures of the girl, and when it comes down to paying for a dice!