Friday, November 27, 2009

What's In a Word?

Ah children.  You give them so much, but it's the little things they reward you with.  We try to give Sabrina the best we can.  A comfy car seat.  Heating her bottles just the way she likes them.  Only fresh steamed mashed veggies.  Boxes of pretty dresses.  An army of stuffed animals.  All for her.  All the classic Disney movies.  And so tonight we leaned in close to hear her speak for the very first time.  She looked lovingly into the eyes of her adoring fathers, smiled, pursed her lips, and spoke her first word.


Wha--?  Did she just--

"Mama. Mama.  Mamamamamamamamama MAMA!"

I'm sorry there must be some mistake.  We're your fathers, so we're sure "Dada" or "Papa" was what you really meant to--


Sigh.  That's it.  We're totally spending the next fifteen or so years gathering pictures and video to completely embarass her every day of high school.  Just wait.  The class of 2027 will see that revenge is sweet.


Kathryn said...

You know, the speech and language types say that "mama" isn't actually a word, that it doesn't truly count as a first word... so maybe she'll still come up with papa or dada one of these days!
(of course, they don't think dada is a word either, but shhh.... we won't mention that!)

Kate said...

If it makes you feel any better- three of my kids first word was Dada! I told myself it was just a sound that they learned to make! :)

AJ's mommy said...

Austin's first word was "dada"... :) Everyone seemed to think it was hilarious too!

feefifoto said...

That little fink! That's it -- out she goes, on the street, posthaste.


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Too funny. I say Mama to Blaze every day to hope he says that before Dada. Its a joke around the house. She is WAY TOO CUTE! Great job on the pig tails.

info said...

Awe! That stinks.
She will get there! Mmmm's are easier.

MJ's Dad said...

Oh, believe me, there are plenty of dada's coming. I get Dada! Dada! or Dada, No picture! Then there is the Dada, umh! Which means get this for me and don't ask why!

print girl inc said...

oooh lol that's funny but it might make you feel better to know that all our daughter said for months was bob. i have no idea who bob is, since my hubby's name is jason. mama and dada came in time but everything was bob. lol.

Anonymous said...

Print_girl, are you sure it wasn't Bobby?

Yeah Grandma. Good job on the hair.

Our little one's first word was dog. Two years ago on Thanksgiving. Then tree, and then nothing for months and months and months.