Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Papa!


Today was Papa's birthday.  I think he had fun, even if we're all getting over colds.  That's why I have not been on here in the last week or so.  I'm not sure what I had (have?) but it kicked my butt.  Another gift from daycare, the germ festival of the century.

Even though I've been under the weather I've been working on a little project I think you may enjoy.  Fans of Laurie Berkner, stay tuned, I'll have something special for you in the next post or two.  For now, Happy Birthday Papa!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

For Watching Masterpiece Theatre...

Geez Meathead get outta my chair huh?

Look at what we found in Target's gay parents section.  It's empty right now because Sabrina has a pretty bad cold so she's not in picture taking mode.  Maybe tomorrow.

But really, how gay is that?  Love it!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Belated Valentine

Love you!

I know, I know--Valentine's Day was three days ago.  So the roses are a little wilted and the candy is--well the candy is gone.  We don't usually make a production out of Valentine's, but I did get an email informing me there was a package in shipping waiting for me.  When I got down there I saw a pile of boxes from ProFlowers.  Looking at the labels, there were a bunch for the girls in the office and the rest were for the gay guys.  What's the matter straight men, don't you rate roses?  Well maybe they got NASCAR tickets or a pass from their wives to not have to watch Glee this week, or whatever it is straight guys like.  I have to admit struggling to keep the smugness hidden when I was filling the flower vase with water in the galley area and one of the women (who didn't get an email telling her she had a package in shipping) remarked "I guess this means you got flowers?"  That's right lady.  Bitter, party of one, your table is ready...

This year we sent Valentines to Sabrina's birth sisters in California.  My sister made some very cute heart hair bows for Sabrina, so I asked for a set for each of the sisters.  The girls each wore their bows on Valentine's Day so they shared a little connection.  Sabrina got a very nice card in the mail thanking her for the bows.

While we don't see each other a whole lot, we email pictures every few months or so. Gregg and I feel it's important to foster that relationship with the birth family.  Keeping that connection is what open adoption is all about.  I know it makes her birth mother happy to see how Sabrina is growing and developing her personality.  Some people think that it would be hard for a woman who placed her baby for adoption to be reminded of that with pictures and visits.  On the contrary, that birth mother placed for a reason; most likely to help the child have a happy and successful life.  Seeing that happiness shine through in pictures and in occasional visits validates that decision, and at least for Sabrina's birth mom, brings her some peace and makes her loss (as that is what placing a child is, a loss that brings a sense of grief) easier to bear.

We're ever grateful to her for growing our family.  Valentine's Day can be full of saccharin sentiments, but this was a chance to give it some real meaning.

Oh and to answer your question, yes the flowers were from Gregg and Sabrina.  Oh well, I guess the ones from Mario Lopez must have gotten delayed in the mail.  I'm sure they'll be here soon...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out Beyonce!

Cher, you've been replaced.  My iPod now sports songs by the Laurie Berkner Band.

We are big fans of Laurie Berkner.  Her music is kind of acoustic/hippie/folksy, the kind of stuff I remember from growing up on Long Island in the 70's.  It's very catchy, and Sabrina loves it too.  You may have seen some of her videos on Nick Jr.  I like that she showcases real families in her videos, and you can sometimes spot the occasional two mom or two dad parents.

More than anything else, Sabrina loves dancing to Laurie Berkner.  She reminds me of my pre-parent self, except she's dancing in her pajamas in her bedroom, not with her shirt off at 2 AM on top of a speaker to acid house remixes.  Maybe that was a little TMI...

Anyway, Sabrina's rockin' version of "Family".  Enjoy!