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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Day We Met You

As parents, we all have fond memories of the day our children were born.  But many adoptive parents have a second memory to cherish--the day they met their children.  Adoptive families are created in many ways, but for us and for the community of friends we have, open agency adoption was the method we used.  We were chosen to be Sabrina's parents by her birth mother K. about 6 weeks before she was born.  As we created our plan for her birth and contact beyond, K. offered to bring us into the delivery room with her to experience the event and to be the first to hold her.  (I can't say enough the respect, admiration, and love we have for this amazing woman.  She gave us something no one else on the planet could have, and did so with love for Sabrina at the forefront of her decision.)  Timing, never one of Sabrina's strong points, was not on our side as we got the call that "It's time!" two days early at 9 PM and we couldn't leave until the next morning.  Even if we left for L.A. immediately, the entire thing was over in about 2 hours anyway, so there's no way we would have made it.  Add to that our nightmare drive and we didn't get to the hospital until that afternoon.
So we met our girl when she was about 18 hours old on April 19th, 2009.  Today is our "3rd Anniversary" of becoming a family.  Our relationship with K. is still very strong (she loved yesterday's bouncy house video) and though she will always have that sadness inside her, she tells us it's balanced by the happiness she has for us and Sabrina.  Adoption is joyful, sad, fulfilling, and bittersweet all at the same time.  Adoptive parents and birth parents both experience the full gambit of these emotions at one point or another.  Today we concentrate on joy, and are grateful for K. and for those who helped us along the way.  Today reminds us of how lucky we are.

(The fact that I'm typing this as our carpets and furniture are being professionally cleaned reminds us that we also adopted messiness, but hey, you get the whole package.)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Whine Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese--corporate
mascot and anti-Christ finalist
As a gay man, I'm used to seeing things taken from gay culture and going mainstream when deemed cool and nonthreatening enough to do so by straight people.  The phrase "Drama Queen" comes to mind.  Techno music used to be fun to dance to until straight people discovered it and started playing it at basketball games.  Clay Aiken.  But I'm starting to realize it works both ways.  As a parent, I'm pulled relentlessly towards the mainstream on a regular basis.  Sometimes it's cool, sometimes depressing, and sometimes horrifying.  I had such an experience last week, when invited to a parental ritual straight people have been going to for years: a child's birthday party in a pizza encrusted level of Hell known as Chuck E. Cheese.

Sabrina and I attended this event on our own; Gregg stayed home as he was not feeling well.  I found out later it was because he was invited to Chuck E. Cheese.  I'd been to Peter Piper Pizza before, where kids run around eating pizza and playing rigged games with tokens in exchange for tickets redeemable for toys that fall apart on the way home.  Moderately tolerable, I figured this couldn't be much different.  Walking in, the first thought that entered my head was "You're gonna need a bigger boat..."

Hardened pizza crusts littered the floor.  Children of all sizes were running around seemingly unsupervised, spreading multicolored snot from their fingers on every available surface.  A dull hum of ever present noise spiked by random screams and laughter filled the air.  Technically a restaurant, I didn't smell any food.  Just the scents of sweaty children and despair. The atmosphere was a combination of Walmart and a crowded Motor Vehicle Department.  Looking down, my worst fears were realized:  Sabrina was smiling from ear to ear.

In the middle of the "restaurant" was a giant plastic Habitrail suspended from the ceiling and meeting the ground with slides and climbing tubes.  "Daddy Sabrina goes on the slide," she said as she began tugging me toward it. 
"Not yet Sabrina, first we have to find Aaron and tell him Happy Birthday".
Here begins the first minor meltdown.  Telling her she could go on the slide after we saw Aaron fell on deaf ears.  She continued to scream for the slide until she saw the rocket ship ride.
"Rocket!  Rocket!"
I already regretted this and we hadn't even been there for three minutes yet.

We found Aaron's mother, apologized for our screaming fit (although we did blend in with the rest of the action), took our cup of tokens, and headed out into the fray.  Since the rocket ride was the most recent outrage, we headed there first.  Finally, smiles as I buckled her in, I gave a hearty "Here we go!", plunked in the token, and watched as nothing happened.  Great.  OK, I added another.  Blast Off!  Or not.  Still nothing.  I wasn't wasting another one, so I played up the virtues of the slide to keep the protest to a minimum as I unbuckled her.  As we walked to the slide she shot daggers at me while we watched some future astronaut blast off in the now working rocket ride.

Sabrina climbed up into the giant tubes with gusto.  Looking up at the maze hanging from the ceiling, I realized I could soon be squeezing my ass through it as I hunted for a screaming child lost in its recesses.  As I looked through one of the maze's few plastic window panels I saw a little girl on the other side licking it.  Mental note: See if Dr. Allen can be convinced to administer a shot for plague, or at the least, cooties.

After twenty minutes of breathing what I assumed was a mist of germ infested air inside the giant tubes and sliding down the dingy slide, it was time to sit down to eat.  The menu consisted of slabs of "pizza" and fried happy hour food that looked like it was past its sell date but still edible due to being encased in a thick shell of fry batter and oil.  I opted for what they were calling the Salad Bar.  Knowing that many kids won't eat their green vegetables, Chuck E. Cheese's ingenious solution was to serve only yellow and white vegetables, like broccoli and lettuce.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)  There were some rubbery carrot sticks you could tie into pretzel shapes, and a giant bin of crushed hard boiled eggs.  I didn't get any of those as the person in front of me covered some lettuce with heaping ladles of egg, topped off with rivers of thousand island dressing.  Too much for Rachel Ray, but not quite up to Paula Dean standards.  I decided to skip lunch.

Back at the table, Chuck E. Cheese was making his grand entrance.  This is birthday served assembly line style, as Chuck entertains six parties at a time, all crammed into the same area.  He was surrounded by teen aged workers who clearly didn't want to be there.  The only one smiling was the pre-recorded video host, who prattled on about how all children love Mr. Cheese for his cool dancing moves and mostly flea free mouse attire.  Mr. Cheese must have taken a hit of d-CON before he came out because he seemed pretty stiff, offering jerky, uncoordinated twitches they said was "dancing".  The kids ate this stuff up.  My dull headache was spreading behind my eyes.

After a middle aged man dressed in carnival attire who looked remarkably like John Wayne Gacy plopped some more ice cream down in front of us, we pretty much knew it was time to go.  Aaron opened his gifts, the kids all clapped, and Chuck went back to his lair.  Soon after, a teen aged kid with dark circles under his eyes and exhibiting jerky uncoordinated twitches came out.  I dragged Sabrina, now screaming for another rocket ride, out into the sunlight.  "Daddy, can we go see Chuck E. Cheese again?" after she calmed down.

"Maybe another time, sweetie."  Another time indeed.  I'm not sure how another visit with "Chuck E." could be more horrifying.

The original Chucky pales in comparison.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Party for Birthday #2

Happy Birthday From Elmo!

We celebrated Sabrina's 2nd birthday on Saturday with a party in the park.  Elmo, by far her favorite character, dominated the scene with his cakes, balloons, and accessories.  We had some good April in Arizona weather, sunny and high 80 degree temps.  Everyone had a great time.  I'm sure you've been to a two year old's birthday, so I won't bore you with details, just pictures.  Sabrina's actual birthday is Monday, so we're playing hooky from work and daycare and headed to the railroad park, after which we have our first meeting at the adoption agency to kick off our home study for Project Baby--The Sequel.  Details on that to come.  For now, it's a party!

Personal Sized Elmo

Take That Candles!

Now You're This Many Sabrina

Elmo, You're Delicious!

Morning Surprise

Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Papa!


Today was Papa's birthday.  I think he had fun, even if we're all getting over colds.  That's why I have not been on here in the last week or so.  I'm not sure what I had (have?) but it kicked my butt.  Another gift from daycare, the germ festival of the century.

Even though I've been under the weather I've been working on a little project I think you may enjoy.  Fans of Laurie Berkner, stay tuned, I'll have something special for you in the next post or two.  For now, Happy Birthday Papa!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Open Letter to Beth MacDonald of KEZ Radio

I sent this email to Beth MacDonald, morning radio personality at KEZ 99.9 radio here in Phoenix.  Oh yeah also today's my birthday.  Not that it has anything to do with anything, but just in case you want to send me gifts.  Or cake.  Or a martini.  Or a cake with a martini in it.  Mmm, martini...


As someone who has listened to your show for a long time, I wanted to thank you for the support you showed this morning when speaking about the repeal of Prop. 8 in California. Almost every other voice I heard on the radio over the past couple of days was decrying the decision and the people who fought for it with every nerve they could muster. As a personality on a morning drive show, you don’t have to wade into the political arena but I’m happy to see you are someone that has both the courage and the class to do so when it’s for the right reasons. It doesn’t matter if it’s this, Sheriff Joe’s latest antics, or anything else, sometimes people need to turn on the radio and hear someone speak from the heart once in a while instead of yelling, ranting, and raving.

I am a gay man who has been in a relationship with my partner for over 13 years. Together we have a beautiful 15 month old daughter who is the light of our lives. We pay taxes (more than our fair share because of the extra taxes on domestic partner health insurance), vote, and hang our American flag on the house on patriotic days. We are devoted to our siblings, nieces, nephews, parents, neighbors, and friends. We pay higher car insurance because we’re not married, pay higher interest on our car loans because we’re not married, and can you imagine the nightmare of filing separate tax returns when we have a child and a house to claim? We adopted our daughter from California, a state that (unlike Arizona) allows both of us to be legal parents. Try figuring that out on your taxes!

This isn’t about religion, and it isn’t about special treatment. It’s about our fair share of the American dream. I’d like to know how I’m supposed to explain to my little girl when she’s older why her parents aren’t married. Do I tell her that her family isn’t good enough? That we’re less than a family? That we’re not supposed to even be together? How will that make her feel? Civil unions don’t cut it because even with the rights that come with them just the fact that they’re not called marriage implies that our relationship isn’t good enough and less then equal to straight marriage. Hell, it’s a good thing we don’t have a boy because apparently we’re not even qualified to be Cub Scout Leaders.

I just want people to know that we’re not a faceless group of “others” trying to stir up trouble. We’re your families, your neighbors, co-workers, and classmates. We’re real people with real feelings. We struggle with bills, our busy schedules, our kids, and our jobs just like everyone else does. We’re also Americans. Thank you Beth, for reminding people of that.

I’m going to post this letter on my blog, Those Two Daddies, to let my followers know you stand with us and other Americans in the fight for equal rights and fairness for everyone.

Thank you.


And Beth's almost immediate response...

Dear Bobby,

Just received your email as I'm heading off to bed. I will always be on your side on this issue and will continue to speak out about it. Fortunately, the vast majority of the emails I received today were in support. We'll get there!

I applaud you for the tremendous effort you have put into having a happy family. You deserve the rights afforded to all other Americans...

This country must learn from its past mistakes. We cannot let the tyranny of the majority trample on the rights of the minority.



Thanks Beth!  You rock.  Or, soft rock, as your station doesn't play much actual rock.  But well, you get the general idea.

Monday, April 26, 2010

We Now Return to the Regularly Scheduled Baby

Well it's been a week and I think we're about 95% done with the ear infections.  As of Sunday she's mostly acting her normal self again, although she's been more clingy then normal.  That could be from being sick, from the anti-biotics, or maybe from a milk allergy (we just started weaning her to milk from formula a week or so ago).  We think she'll be completely done in a day or two.

She finally got to have her birthday cake on Sunday.  Mmmm, cake!

Monday, April 19, 2010

re: Happy Birthday

It's ear infections.  Both ears.  No wonder she's cranky.  I'd milk that for all it's worth.  Antibiotics usually work quickly with her.  She'll be fine, poor thing.

Happy (?) 1st Birthday Sabrina

As a parent, you want to make your child's first birthday a memorable event.  I've heard of some over the top Happy One Year Birthday Events, complete with circus animals, magicians, and the cast of American Idol on hand to entertain the guest of honor.  This wasn't the party we planned. 

We decided to spend Saturday, the day before her birthday, at the Phoenix Zoo.  It was a little warm but still enjoyable, and she had a good time.  She was a little quieter then normal, but had fun and was her normal playful self when we got home.  We should have suspected something...

Calm before the storm

Birthday Sunday started off a little strange.  She woke up around 8 AM.  Strange, she never gets up until 9 on weekends... Well she must know today's the big day...turning one!  Downstairs to open presents.

Hmm, she seemed more into opening gifts on Christmas...  She had two big boxes to open, and with some help from the Daddies, got her gifts.  We let her play with them for a bit while we set about the final preparations for the party.  Since she got up early, we thought maybe an early nap was in order.  Perfect, since the party starts at 2 PM.  It took a little longer then normal to get her to go down but she finally drifted off to sleep.  Is it hot in here, or does she seem a little warm?  Well she's acting happy.

So here's the plan.  We reserved a ramada at Red Moutain Park.  I was going to go over around 1:15 and set up and decorate, Gregg would show up with Sabrina and most of the food at 2 when our guests started arriving.  While setting up, my phone rang.  It was Gregg.  "She's screaming uncontrollably, and she's got a fever of 102.5.  I don't think we're coming.  You'll have to come get the food". 
"Well it's nice and cool over here, we can put her in her play pen, I'm sure she'll be fine once her cousins and friends get here."
"No, I can't even dress her.  She's crying so bad.  Something's wrong."

I wasn't getting it.  By this point the guests started arriving, some from the north valley, some from as far as Tucson.  OK, deep breath.  I told everyone I was leaving to go get the food and the guest of honor isn't coming.  Now I know alot of you don't know each other.  Mingle.  Luckily, the park is just down the street from our house.

When I walked in, I got it.  I have not heard her scream like that since she was a newborn.  Usually picking her up will console her, but not today.  Teeth or earache, or both, she wasn't going to the party.  OK, we can make this work...  Since Gregg's car was already loaded up, I took that one back to the park and unloaded the food.  All the guests were very understanding, but I was completely stressed out.  I knew I was when I squirted ketchup on my burger and missed, spraying it all over my white shorts instead.  Great.  Where are the napkins?  Right in my truck...the one that's back home.  Ugh.  Enter my sister.  "Bobby, we need some napkins for the kids.  Where did you put them?".  Uggnnhhh...

Somehow we got through it.  Gregg and Sabrina did show up for the last 15 minutes.  Sabrina wore a sad sack look, cried some, but her fever was gone at least.  We took her home to open her gifts, which she half heartedly played with.  She would laugh and play, then start a crying binge.  Poor girl.

I kept her home this morning, and we're headed to the doctor later.  I gave her a morning bath, and she played in the tub for a bit, but went right back to sleep after, and she never does that.

This was the first party I ever planned that did not include alcohol.  I'll never do that again!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday...Shots All Around!

Happy Birthday to Papa Gregg!  Even if it rained and we lost the gold to Canada, I hope you had a fun day.

Sabrina and I spent all afternoon yesterday shopping for two impossible gifts...a pizza oven that fits on the BBQ (I know it's February, but this is the desert, hell-ooo) and a Wii Fit.  What the hell is wrong with you Nintendo?  We get it, the Wii is a hot gift, but just maybe if you made more then like three at a time you'd sell more of them.  Wii Fit has been out for how long now, and still no one has it?  C'mon.

Gregg took Sabrina to her ten month checkup on Thursday.  She was fine in the waiting room, but when they walked in the exam room she freaked out.  She screamed waiting for the doctor, during the check up, and most fiercely, during the vaccinations.  They have "Nurse Weepy" over there who jabs the kids with the needles.  Problem is, she cries just a much as they do.  I can just see Gregg the Vulcan sitting there while the baby and the nurse are balling.  I'm sure he did some eye rolling.  It's a good thing I wasn't there or he'd have to deal with three of us.

We got up early and instead of making Papa a birthday breakfast drove down to the shot clinic at PETCO so the boys could get boosters.  They need them for their stay at the pet hotel while we're in California.  It urks me that I need to drag them down there and pay for the shots when I used to just get them at the pharmacy where they're only $9 and do it myself.  Apparently that isn't good enough for the Pet Hotel.  I'm sure the real reason is they want you to spend the money there on a vet visit.  So, $80 later...ugh.  At least they're set to go, and Sabrina lent moral support so there were no tears this time.

Chase relaxing after a tough day of shots

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

T Minus 13

13 Days left until March 31st...

(And only 2 days left to enter the birthdate give away contest!)

Things are so crazy right now, between work and Project Baby, I barely have any free time at all. I work for JDA Software in Scottsdale and my official title is Team Lead for the support side of In-Store Systems, but I've recently been given responsibility for the development side as well, and hope to manage both teams as my goal in the next quarter. Complicated sounding I know, but in a nutshell our department helps develop and support software products most of you use every day. Our products run or interface with retail store payment systems. (It's a fancy way of saying our software runs cash registers.) If you've ever shopped at PETCO (where coincidentally I also used to work), Estee Lauder's different brands of stores (MAC, etc), Allen Edmonds, Carlton Cards, Universal Studios, Charlotte Russe, Columbia Sportswear, or hundreds of other retailers, you've used JDA products. Right now, I'm responsible for getting two software releases out the door, and development work is planned to stop on...

March 31st.

We emailed our birth mother, "Lucy", and she's feeling good, still very happy she's chosen us as parents for the baby. She still feels the same as she did and can't really clue us in as to when the baby will be born. So we wait, without a plan for when we're leaving. Gregg's been researching hotels and kind of thinking about where we'll be staying in California, and trying to network some of our friends together for visits. But it's not like we can make any reservations. I've tried talking the PetsHotel at PetSmart into giving us a discount for an extended stay for The Boys, but no luck there. We hate the thought of leaving them there for up to two weeks, but they really are too much for any of our family to manage for that length of time because none of them are really used to high energy big dogs. Gregg mentioned bringing them with us but I can't imagine adding two excited Labradors to an already stressful trip so I think that's out. At least they like it at the PetsHotel.

So March 31st is the scheduled release date for two software packages and Finster v. 1.0.

Friday, March 13, 2009

All Jump in the Betting Pool

OK all jump in the betting pool!

I'm taking a cue from Michelle at Michelle's Path and running my first ever contest! Today we heard from our birthmom, and at the doctors today she found out her due date is March 31st, give or take a week. So here's the contest:
  • Leave a comment on this post with your guess of date and time the baby will be born.
  • Person who comes closest without going past the actual birth will win
  • Your deadline for entering the contest will be Midnight Friday, March 20th OR if I post before then that we got the word that the baby is on the way. Then entry will close.
  • I will make a post announcing the winner and I will send you an Arizona themed prize!

To help your guessing, I can say that the expectant mom is 29 years old, and this is not her first child. Apparently that matters in predicting births.

Good Luck!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Daddy!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Gregg! I know you're in terrible back pain today (again) and it's probably because you've been working so hard installing the new floor in Finster's room. A labor of love though. Was I mad when I found out you've been hiding an Xbox 360 for the last two months? Well yes, but I'm over it. If you would have told me about it you certainly would not have gotten a Wii, but whatever...

Since it's your birthday though I thought I'd list some of the things you'll never get in trouble for. Just for you, me, and Those Wonderful People Out There in the Dark...(I'll give you readers a shout out on your blogs if you can leave a comment and tell me what that means. Gay boys, try and let the straight people have a chance before you go blurting it out.)
  1. Your sense of humor, as evidenced in the above picture. How nice this was our little photo shoot for the birthmother letter, just the most important picture we'd ever take. And how do you start it?
  2. Your hotness. *Sigh*
  3. The way you carry on and on, blah blah blah, everything's my fault...but in the end, you love me more then anything and have made a lot of sacrifices for me. You quit your job, moved out of state, deal with my crazy family, and always put me if I could just get you to stop watching that stupid Hot Fuzz when I'm trying to sleep we'd be golden. That is just the loudest and dumbest movie Ev-ah!
  4. See #2.
  5. That way you smile and I can see right down into your soul when you're really happy. Just like that day I took you to Sharon's house and you picked up little Deja Vu when she was just a six week old puppy out of all the others in the litter. I asked you if you liked her and you just had such a look of love and joy on your face. I love seeing that. (You'll yell but at some point I need to make a post about our beloved Mojo, Deja Vu, and Indy, who would make great playmates for Finster if they were still around...*sniff*)
  6. Making me feel so special when you take me in those big arms of yours and hold me tight.
  7. Talking me into Project Baby. That's the best thing so far.

Now don't get a big head. Just have a Happy Birthday!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Firetrucks and Birthday Cake

Today was a nice day. Two of my sister Suzanne's kids, Timmy and Christina, have birthdays that are two weeks apart, so they always combine the two into a summer party. They do it up nice for the kids and all the cousins. This year my brother in law managed to get a fire truck parked in his driveway. The kids had a blast on it, climbing around on it, blowing the siren (man that sucker is LOUD!), and honking the horn. The truck was full of water, so my brother Dennis and brother in law Keith manned the hoses, while some of the kids climbed on top of it and worked the water spout. The kids all had fun with the "water war" and everyone and everything was soaked! They had a great time at the party. Not sure about G, but I know I feel a little tinge of loneliness at kid events lately. I can't wait for our little one to be here to join in the reindeer games. Arrh this takes soooo long! Well at least our adoption coordinator Lane from the IAC is back from vacation. He's going to look over our website next week and let us know what he thinks. We've had it up a while and I keep tweaking it because I wanted it to be perfect before sending it out to him. With any luck this damn home study from our Arizona adoption agency will get approved soon and we can finally get in the book. My birthday is coming up in two weeks and I can't think of a better gift then that!

Sadly, there were no actual firemen at the party...sigh.

Friday, July 4, 2008

US of A....Best--Country--EVER!

Today is the Fourth of July, Independence Day in America! Happy Birthday to the greatest country in the world. For 232 years she has stood as the best hope of the world, and may she continue to be so. We have problems here for sure, but it's still the best place in the world to raise a child. Many other countries of the world wouldn't even consider permitting Gregg and I to adopt a child, and I can't tell you how often I am reminded how lucky I am to be an American. Little Finster is going to grow up with the spirit of this country in its blood. We'll make sure he knows American History, and develops the same love of land and country we have. We've already bought the entire "Schoolhouse Rock" video collection. We remember watching those as kids on Saturday mornings. So for the 4th, relax and enjoy one of my favorite American history ones. Ha, Gregg and I still know the preamble by heart and it's because of this cartoon!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Home Study Visit, Take Two

So today was the second home visit, and my turn to get interviewed by our social worker, Windsor. I took today off so I could clean house. Well mostly. It was also Ripley's birthday, so I had to spend a little time with my little guy. OK he's 108 pounds so not so little. So here was my day:
7 AM--try to pretend I'm sleeping so the Labs will leave me alone. Not working.
8 AM--give up pretending to sleep, because my face and hair are wet with Labrador saliva. Also every tennis ball in the house is now on my pillow against my face.
8:15 AM--Coffee's brewing, take the boys outside to play with the tennis ball.
8:40 AM--Mmmm, coffee. Take shower.
9:30 AM--Take Ripley to the vet for a dentist appointment. Yes, on his birthday. There's a cage full of 7 week old kittens in the lobby; Ripley begins picking out his birthday present.
10 AM--Teeth are fine, off to PetSmart to get birthday gifts. Explain that while they are fun to play with, you can have rawhide, but not a kitten. Listen to whining.
10:30 AM--Chase is elated that while it's Ripley's birthday, the rawhides come in two packs.
11-1:30 PM--Clean the house. Sigh.
1:30 PM--Kitten play break. Called Kathleen and told her those kittens are soooo cute. She came down to look. Went with her back to the vet and played with kittens. Kath ends up taking two home.
2:30 PM--Get home right before Gregg; pretend I've been cleaning this WHOLE time. Baby, I'm so tired! Finish the biography I was supposed to write last week.
3 PM--Windsor arrives. I immediately love her! She becomes my favorite golden girl. Yes, even past Bea Arthur. (It's OK, he knows I love him.)
Windsor and I had a great meeting. She is so easy to talk to. She eased all my fears about the process and assured us we had no need to worry, we'd get approved by the judge. She just wanted to get to know me, about my background, schooling, etc. The first thing she did was pull out pics of her two yellow Labs. She loved the boys, and they were on their best behaviour quietly sitting in their kennels. We talked about birthmothers, and she gave us tips to look out for. College age or career track women, real good chance. Teenage mothers, drama disasters. I pretty much figured that.
4:30 PM--Took the boys to Cosmo Park for some swimming and playing. Got a call from Gregg, "Hi I'm at the vet picking out a kitten..." HELL NO. Back away from the pussy! Phew, he was there looking at them, but thankfully didn't bring one home. But really they are so cute!
6:40 PM--Got home, hugged my baby, gave Ripley more birthday gifts, had a great dinner, called my sister to see how the kittens were doing, and just thought about how much I love my husband and want to take care of our child together...sigh.