Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Boys Are Cheaper

These are just the ones that currently fit.  They don't include the ones she's already outgrown or larger sizes waiting in the wings.

Even a digital camera does not have enough space to photograph the clothes.  Both closets full.  Sigh.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She Bleeds Orange, Just Like Daddy...

Phoenix Suns Biggest Little Fan.

Kobe Has No "D" Against Cuteness!

Steve Nash Won't Let Me Down!

Yeah I Gots Mad Skillz.

3 Points, No Problem!

Let's Go Suns...Beat L.A.!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Religion and Gay Families

I'm going to do something I haven't done in a long time.  No not that; one time after college was enough!  I'm going to defend religion.  Well kind of.

Today I got another urgent cry for help (and money) from the Human Rights Campaign. ( I've put down my feelings about HRC before and you can read that post here.)  Apparently, religious based schools are not happy that there are kids out there with same sex parents.  As HRC puts it in their email, right before the "Donate Money" button to help fight this injustice:

This one is beyond the pale...

Just days ago, a Boston third-grader's admission to a Catholic school was rescinded – solely because his parents are lesbians.
But here's the worst part – this is no isolated incident. Just a few months ago, a Catholic elementary school in Colorado expelled two preschoolers (that's right, preschoolers) for the same reason.

Oh the outrage!  What?!  Now children are being punished for having same sex parents?  It's not their fault.  They didn't have a choice in the matter, they were born in to a family with two daddies, just like Jesus.

Now, come on.  HRC is one of the first groups that will jump up and down in fits screaming "separation of church and state" any other time.  But in defense (gulp) of the Catholics, homosexuality is a mortal sin, one that will land you in Hell.  Right up there with using condoms and reading this blog.  I have to ask, why would gay parents enroll their kids in a school that is going to teach them that their families are wrong and shouldn't exist?  I mean, we try so hard to deflect negative energy and comments from our children, and you're going to put them in a class where they will be told their parents are sinners, going to hell, and you should not be proud of who they are and what your family represents?  Sorry, I don't get that.  The Church did these kids a favor by expelling them.  Now they can see religion for what it really is--a giant cult that aims to keep its members in line by threatening them with eternal punishment now and even after they die.  I don't understand why a gay person would want to be a member of an organization that (yes I'll say it) hates them.  It's like George Bush joining the Sierra Club or Sarah Palin running for president of Mensa.  And HRC wants to force the Church to let these kids back in? 

Ironically, on the same day I got this email, I saw a story in the Arizona Republic about a nun who has lost her post at St. Joseph's Hospital because she authorized an abortion in order to save the life of a critically ill patient.  Not only was she disciplined, but the patient was immediately excommunicated from the Church.  Because, you know, it's better for you and your unborn child to die instead of doing whatever you can to save your own life.  In my opinion, this woman's as lucky as the preschoolers above because now maybe she can live a better life free from religion.

Now, as an unbeliever I'm admittidly biased, and many of you may take issue with this post.  That's OK.  As for Sabrina, she can learn about religion when she's ready.  For me, that's after she's old enough to make rational decisions about morality, fantasy, and reality.  If after that, as an adult, she wants to join a church, I'll support her.  By locking her in the attic.

And now...your thoughts?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here's Waldo

Wow I've been gone for longer than I thought I would.  Things have just been busy at home and at work.  The baby's been healthy for a while now, so we're not dealing earaches any more.  My job has been nuts, and so has Gregg's.  Fun fun.

Right now I'm in the airport in San Jose CA waiting for a flight home.  I've been up here in Silicon Valley since Monday at a Technology Services conference, and had my first short separation from Sabrina since she was born.  I missed her, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  Gregg said he thinks she starting to wonder where I am.  I'm flattered and saddened at the same time.  In a few hours we'll be back together and I can't wait to see her.  The flight's about to board, so that's all for now.  In the coming days I have some good topics to discuss, from our Arizona immigration fiasco to taking care of African American hair.  So if you can stand it, I'll write it.  Anyway, cleared for boarding...