Tuesday, April 14, 2009

T Minus 6 and Evil Newborns

Only six days to go! It's less then a week, and I think we're both back to jumpy nerves again. After going through this once before when we were looking at March 31st for delivery, I think I speak for both (OK all four) of us when I say we're at the "let's just get this over with" stage. We've been packed and ready for weeks, I keep telling The Boys it's almost hotel time, and I know Lucy feels like she's way overdue, even though she isn't. Before I move on with today's dramatic post, let's see where we stand in the betting pool. Sorry latecomers, but the guessing is officially closed now so you'll have to wait until next time or head to Michael's blog, they have a kid every year (*grin*). Anyway, a bunch of you have already dropped off, so let's see who's left:
  • Kathryn, April 14, 10 PM, current leader (Also roughly the same time in 1912 the Titanic struck an iceberg and started sinking...um, thanks for that Kathryn!)
  • Andrew's Daddies, April 15, 9:47 PM
  • April (Anonymous) April 15, 7:42 PM
  • Michael, April 17, 2:42 AM
  • Jilliebean, April 18, 3:45 PM
  • Kate, April 19, 8:10 AM
  • Carole, April 19, 11:45 PM
  • S, April 20, 10:23 AM
  • Michelle, April 20, 2:34 PM
  • Ann-Elise, April 21, 6:39 AM
  • Susan (Anonymous) April 21, 7 AM

A still to be thought of Arizona themed prize to the winner.

Anywho, last night as I was taking The Boys for our nightly walk, I was thinking about the baby being born and all that she'll do in her life and all that's in store for her. Sweet thoughts. But then it dawned on me...at the same time, somewhere out there, there is a newborn boy being born as well. The same one who's going to set his sites on our daughter 18 or so years from now with impure thoughts in his warped mind. Probably driving some souped up hoopdie, big fuzzy dice and vodka spiked Gatorade, thinking he's taking her behind the movie theatre or wherever youngin's go to get past third base. Sure he looks cute now, but you can be sure he's got pure evil on his mind when it comes to my little girl! So be warned infant little boy (or even gurl!) I know what you're up to, and I see through your veil of cuteness!

See what waiting does to you?


Tim and Louie said...

My biggest fear is that we will have a child that will turn out "straight"!!! YIKES!

We all know that parents cannot willfully influence the sexual orientation of their child. But honestly, I do hope that ours turns out gay.

Only because I feel that being gay is truly a gift, even if others in society don't see it as such.

Except for some Native Americans that believe in the "two spirit" aspects.

So, maybe you guys will luck out and Sabrina will be a lesbian.

- Louie

Michelle said...

Nick had those same thoughts about Kayla. I just made her a onesie that says, Sorry boys, Daddy says I cant date until I'm 30."

Jeve said...

Hilarious entry! Good luck with your baby girl!

C.I.W. said...

oh my lord.. that is the freakiest picture I have ever seen.

Bobby said...

Well Tim and Louie I'm not sure "luck out" is how I'd describe that but OK...

Jen and Kara said...

That baby is SCARY! Hope yours is cuter!

welcome2ourworld said...

I just love your blog :) Especially the last entry - made me laugh real hard :) Only 6 more days...wooohoooo :) I am really happy for you guys :)

Andrew's Daddies said...

I still have 9 hours and 40 mintues. This is pacific time (9:47pm)ladies and gentlemen...so if you are back east, that would be 12:47am on 4/16/09.

Jeve said...

Hey Bobby! Thanks for the comments on our blog. Congrats on the baby on the way! So awesome. And yes Steve and I are New Yawrkers. We're in Manhattan. Maybe one of these days we can meet up?!

Michael said...

18 years...if you're lucky! They start flirtin' with boys when they are 12 and 13 years old. When I was in junior high, I had girls calling my house offering to do all sorts of naughty things.

Bobby said...

Geez Michael talk about barking up the wrong tree!