Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Painted Into A Corner

Well I did a bad thing this weekend. I painted the baby's room. Well that part's good, it looks nice. The problem is I tend to get obsessive about projects, and that happened with this. See a few months ago I agonized forever about what colors to paint it. We don't know if we're going to have a boy or a girl, so we wanted something that would work either way. The room was sort of a dark brown, too depressing for a baby, so we wanted to paint it and replace the carpet with wood and generally get a real nursery ready in advance. Gregg and I went to Home Depot and after looking at every chip in the store, decided on sort of a sage color called "restful". So the day after Thanksgiving I headed off to get the paint. The problem was when I got there, instead of just getting what I needed, I let myself wander over to the paint chips and started thinking maybe there was a better color. And after 20 minutes of looking, there was! Marsh fern, much brighter then boring old restful And if I painted two of the walls this gorgeous thyme green, this will be the most fabulous baby room EVER! I'm sure G. won't care, after all they are still in the "green" family. So I called him up and told him and he said, in a sort of defeated tone, if that's what you want, get it. I ignored what I could sense was my nagging better judgement and got it.

I got home, used the primer, and the next day painted the walls. Came out pretty good, Gregg liked it too. Now the ceiling needed something. We had decided on some color called "yellow mist", which was a sort of off white yellow wash color that went great with "restful". On Sunday I went back to Home Depot and got...yeah you know it's coming..."highlight", an off white with an almost imperceptible amount of green in it, which would be perfect for the wall colors. It looks white, but pulls it all together plus has a very reassuring quality to it. So I called. Twice. But no answer, he was at the gym. What the heck, he was OK with the wall colors, once he sees how this looks with it he'll love it. I bought "highlight".

Gregg got home a few minutes after I did and he had some groceries with him. As he was putting the limes away, I started to mention how I saw a great new color for the ceiling. Did you ever know that when you smash limes on the kitchen floor, the juice comes out a lot thicker then you'd imagine. Stickier too. He was pissed. I won't go into all the details of it, but there was a beauty of a fight. Looking back, I can see it was my fault. I took something we both decided on and changed it to be my way. I sometimes have a habit of doing that. We ended up keeping the paint. I think it looks good. G has no opinion since he hasn't seen it yet; made some comment about going into the baby's room once the kid turns three. We pretty much made up. I just feel kind of guilty. So if you're reading this babe, I'm sorry. I'll try to work on it. And you'll keep forgiving me like you have for over 11 years now. Cause you love me.

The room still looks fantastic however.


Two Moms With A Plan said...

Oh boy! You are just like me! Yeah I know where you were going with this and I knew G would be upset about it because Holly would have been upset too. Thank god we're cute or else they would have left us a long time ago!

I'm happy to hear you two made up. :-)

Heather said...

Aww! Making trouble already - you gotta work together Bobby. When you guys have offspring you'll need to stay a team.

Glad you worked it out. All of this not having kids is more stressful than actually having them, at least for us. All of this waiting has brought more than a few fights for s too.

Can we see these beautiful new colors all up and on the walls? Kind of a job in progress glimpse?

Michelle said...

This are the things that makes our relationships strong and thriving. We learn and we make up and it makes us stronger as a couple.

I agree...can we see the newly painted nursery?

Jen and Kara said...

We are just like that too! I always ask for Jen's opinion...and then always end up doing what I want despite what she said. However, I am really trying to work together on the baby stuff! :)

Rik Miller said...

ummm gee, and this surprises me how?? I'm just shocked i didn't get an IM about this one.. I wonder if it's because i probably would have sided with G on this one. Duuuuude, you have got to remember, you are together in this... you have to make decisions together.. that way both of you are in it the same. Remember, you both should have just as much hand in messing up i mean raising little finster.. =) MWAH