Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Quick Update

So sorry I've been lazy this month. I thought for sure December would be pretty bloggy, if only to use posting as an excuse to stop eating holiday treats which seem to be everywhere. As usual this year Gregg did most (all?) the holiday shopping for the family but at least I've been wrapping stuff. I don't get it. Whenever I wrap gifts they come out horrible. They look like someone wrapped them and dropped them down the stairs. As gay as I am who'd figure it? Oh well at least I can throw together a fabulous dried pasta gift basket with my eyes closed. Here's a hint for the straight readers: As I realized this weekend, you know you're gay when you're holding up the line at Cost Plus (that store alone is a ringing gaydar alarm) while you and the cashier, who you can tell owns at least one cat, discuss the fact that lately a good malbec is your favorite Argentinean red and you wish the bulk of German Rieslings weren't so darn sweet. Oh and my gratuitous we'll have a baby someday ending to this post it that hopefully next year we can add another stocking to the fireplace. Now that's sweeter then a Riesling!


Two Moms With A Plan said...

What a great picture! I hope you and Gregg have a very merry christmas!

P.S. I just love Rieslings. I've never been a red wine drinker... they're too bitter for my taste!

Jen and Kara said...

Merry Christmas to you guys too.

Heather said...

Merry Christmas Guys!! We're hoping [and praying] for the same - a baby for next Christmas!! More photos??? Still dying to see the nursery . . . have the emotions died down enough for you to post pictures yet??

Merry Christmas.

Rik Miller said...

AJs has a nice selection of Dry Rieslings.. I drink whites as well, and have learned to stick with the dryers ones... =)