Thursday, July 31, 2008

Website Feedback; With Poll

OK we finally have something to do. Here are some comments from our IAC counselor regarding the greggandbobby website,

1. I like the main picture. I'd like to see a 4x6 original before we decide. Do you have any others for us to choose from?
2. I checked out the website. It is very nice. Just a few suggestions:
= I might reduce the size of the photos so that each page does not need to be scrolled down to see. Less scrolling has more visual impact with less effort.
= the large pictures are also taking some time to load and we have a lot of memory on our computers. Again, smaller pics might load faster, especially on a slower computer.
= I would replace the pic of Gregg's birthday party on the main page with something else as this pic just duplicates the main shot. Perhaps a picture with Bobby's nephew (African-American) (like the marathon shot in another section).
= Our Story, I would move the pic of the house (and reduce the size) to the bottom of the page and move the others up. They are more important pictures than the house pic.
That's about it. Nothing I've mentioned is crucial. Just suggestions to enhance what is already a very nice website.

OK so I have to say that I agree with just about all of this. I've actually stressed a bit that our site is a little too "white". By that I mean I think we need to showcase both sides of our family a little more equally. We just couldn't find any other real good pictures with Gregg's side. We'll have to work on that.

I'd like some more input on the site, so I'm hoping some of you can comment on it below. Let me know if there's something you particularly like or think should be changed. Do you agree with Lane's comments above? What about the pics? I want to hear any suggestions you may have, so please comment away!

(Actually, if you have comments about Those Two Daddies as well, I'd love to hear that too!)


Kathryn said...

I think your website is great. I do agree about the picture size and page loading though. It's a good point. Can you click on the pictures to make them bigger if you want, but have smaller pictures on each page to start? I don't think that the page is too, too white, though I could see how there could be room for other family members. Some of your family members aren't stark white, eh? :)
Altogether, I think good site! I only wish I knew someone pregnant who wanted to give their baby to two great dads!
(like the blog too)

Jen and Kara said...

Hi guys,

I love the pic of your dogs. Maybe this is politically incorrect, but I think they are a good representation of your inter-racial family. So cute!

My only comment is about the skull shirt. It really stands out and I don't know if a PBM will appreciate it. However, skulls seem to be "in" so maybe its okay.

That's all!

Two Moms With A Plan said...

I love the website. I think the pictures are great too! It really tells your story well!