Friday, June 6, 2008

Home Study Visit, Take Two

So today was the second home visit, and my turn to get interviewed by our social worker, Windsor. I took today off so I could clean house. Well mostly. It was also Ripley's birthday, so I had to spend a little time with my little guy. OK he's 108 pounds so not so little. So here was my day:
7 AM--try to pretend I'm sleeping so the Labs will leave me alone. Not working.
8 AM--give up pretending to sleep, because my face and hair are wet with Labrador saliva. Also every tennis ball in the house is now on my pillow against my face.
8:15 AM--Coffee's brewing, take the boys outside to play with the tennis ball.
8:40 AM--Mmmm, coffee. Take shower.
9:30 AM--Take Ripley to the vet for a dentist appointment. Yes, on his birthday. There's a cage full of 7 week old kittens in the lobby; Ripley begins picking out his birthday present.
10 AM--Teeth are fine, off to PetSmart to get birthday gifts. Explain that while they are fun to play with, you can have rawhide, but not a kitten. Listen to whining.
10:30 AM--Chase is elated that while it's Ripley's birthday, the rawhides come in two packs.
11-1:30 PM--Clean the house. Sigh.
1:30 PM--Kitten play break. Called Kathleen and told her those kittens are soooo cute. She came down to look. Went with her back to the vet and played with kittens. Kath ends up taking two home.
2:30 PM--Get home right before Gregg; pretend I've been cleaning this WHOLE time. Baby, I'm so tired! Finish the biography I was supposed to write last week.
3 PM--Windsor arrives. I immediately love her! She becomes my favorite golden girl. Yes, even past Bea Arthur. (It's OK, he knows I love him.)
Windsor and I had a great meeting. She is so easy to talk to. She eased all my fears about the process and assured us we had no need to worry, we'd get approved by the judge. She just wanted to get to know me, about my background, schooling, etc. The first thing she did was pull out pics of her two yellow Labs. She loved the boys, and they were on their best behaviour quietly sitting in their kennels. We talked about birthmothers, and she gave us tips to look out for. College age or career track women, real good chance. Teenage mothers, drama disasters. I pretty much figured that.
4:30 PM--Took the boys to Cosmo Park for some swimming and playing. Got a call from Gregg, "Hi I'm at the vet picking out a kitten..." HELL NO. Back away from the pussy! Phew, he was there looking at them, but thankfully didn't bring one home. But really they are so cute!
6:40 PM--Got home, hugged my baby, gave Ripley more birthday gifts, had a great dinner, called my sister to see how the kittens were doing, and just thought about how much I love my husband and want to take care of our child together...sigh.

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