Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paul and Craig Stole Our Baby!

I have no idea who Paul and Craig are, but they stole our baby.

The list of families waiting to adopt on the IAC website is thirteen pages long. As people are put "on the books" they are added to the end of the family pages. I've been corresponding with another couple, Bobby and Ian, who have been on the books since March. They are currently at the very bottom of page ten. So it looks like you move up about a page a month. A few weeks ago, I noticed a new couple, Paul and Craig, added to the end of the list so I checked out their website. They are a mixed race couple just like us and share many of the same activities and hobbies as we do. They've been together about as long as we have. The black guy even does gourmet cooking! Very similar. Creepy almost. When I checked the list today, their status had changed from "available" to "matched", and they are only at the bottom of page twelve. So it only took them about a month from the time they were approved until the time they matched a birth mother. This gives Gregg and I some hope because maybe once we're approved and on the books maybe we won't have to wait very long for a match either. Of course, just because they matched does not mean they're all set. Many things can still happen to upset the apple cart, but it's a good start. I'm being a little sarcastic here; of course I hope all works out for the best for them.

Paul and Craig, I have no idea who you are, but you're in my thoughts for a quick and successful adoption!

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