Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dinner at Fez

Last night we got together with Dan, Anton, and Dave. We haven't really done that for a while now; we've been really busy and lately Gregg has not wanted to really go out at all. But we haven't been hanging around anyone but family for a bit and we really wanted to see the guys so out we went.

We met at Kobalt in central Phoenix for happy hour first. It's kind of a nice no attitude place. From there we popped over to Fez for dinner. The guys are really interested in our adoption plans. I think all of them would be great fits for being fathers. I know I want them to really be connected to little Finster because they've all got great attitudes and would have a positive impact on it. (Um, I don't know if it will be a boy or a girl, and typing "it" is shorter then "him or her". So, "it" it is.) I think everyone is excited for us, but it seems our gay friends are really connected to the idea. I think it must be because in our community becoming dads is rare, and not that easy. But it's so cool to hear them talk about that way. The other thing that strikes me is even though these guys are talking about following us in adoption, they are doing just what Gregg and I did and are being very methodical about it. Anton talked about how they need to get things squared away with one or the other of the houses and was comparing the schools and lifestyle between central Phoenix and Goodyear. Just the way they all want to get things in order. I think you have to get into a mindset for this. We talked about it for so long and just needed to have everything fall into place. For us once the remodeling of the house was almost finished that just seemed to click it. I also think the guys are watching us with interest to see just what happens here. I don't blame them it's a huge step and I wish we had someone to follow. The online forums and the IAC counselors are great, but besides reading everything we can online and in books, having a friend that went through it would be so much nicer.

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