Friday, May 23, 2008

Homestudy Visit, Round 1

I really need to update this more frequently. I've been gearing up for our annual User Conference at work this week in Las Vegas so it's been taking a lot of my time. Now that it's over maybe I can blog more regularly. On a depressing side note, even though I stayed at Caesar's Palace, I didn't get to go see Her Royal Cher-ness in her new Vegas show at the Colosseum. I did however shop at the Cher / Bette Midler store which I think is possibly the gayest store on the planet. I asked one of the girls working there if she ever met Cher. She said Cher does come in from time to time and is very nice. (I met her personal waiter and he told me she was a total bitch, and I like that better!) "This used to be the Celine store", she told me, "But when Cher came she had it closed down". Ha! Love that! It really is sooooo Cher...

Anyway, the home study visit. Our social worker, Windsor, came over last Friday the 16th to meet with Gregg and tour the house. So they had some peace and quiet I dropped the boys off at Day Camp on my way to work. Gregg said she was really nice, and was happy about the house. Of course she thinks the pond needs to either go or be fenced. Right now, I don't care either way. I like the koi, but don't want it to stand in the way of Project Baby. I wanted him to ask about the boys because I'm worried they will see two large dogs as a negative. Neither one of them would hurt a fly but they are pretty big; Ripley is over 100 pounds and Chase comes in around 85. Windsor, who says she's over 60, seemed like she was disappointed they weren't there. Apparently she has two Labradors herself and has also been involved in Lab rescue. Perfect! Here is someone that understands the breed. She loves Labs and there is no issue with them. She's coming back next Friday, the June 6th (Happy Birthday Ripley! My 6/6/06 baby...) to interview me. So I think I'll have the boys around and not worry about it.

She asked some questions about our relationship, family, how we grew up, thoughts on discipline, that kind of stuff. We also have to write autobiographical essays to give to the judge. Man this is getting to be hard...I didn't work this hard in college! More writing. We have to get them to her by the time she visits next Friday so we'll work on them over this three day weekend. On a side note, Gregg is emailing Michelle to see if she can take some pictures for us this weekend. We have to get that website going! We need them for our birth mother letter as well. After the next home visit I'm hoping it will be less then six weeks until we get approval from the judge, but I don't think anyone can predict how long that will take. After that, we'll finally be in the books and available for a pregnant birth mom to pick!

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