Friday, January 30, 2009

Proud Parents of a Bouncing Baby Brochure

I made the final edits to the letter...and it's been accepted! The catch? We have to print one out on cardstock and send it in for final approval. The IAC says it's just a formality; they're sure it will be accepted. Gregg spoke to Lane today, and he sounded very happy about it. He told Gregg some of the people at the IAC looked at our letter and remembered us from our visit, and feel we won't have a tremendously long wait. I take that with a grain of salt. I don't want to get my hopes up to much, or six months from now after we've had no contacts from birth mothers I'll be headed for the big depression. Anyway, we printed one out on cardstock and it looks good. Some of the printed pictures came out a little dark on the stock, so I'll lighten and reprint tomorrow, then FedEx it over to the agency. If all goes well and they like the print and they have the remaining paperwork we need to fax over, we'll be in the book and on their website by Friday...Finally! Then I won't mind the waiting so much, because we'll be Waiting For Something Important, not just another stop on the paperwork express.


Kate said...

Congratulations- how exciting.


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Heather said...

Oh Hooray!! It's very [VERY] exciting!
Hoping this ride is a quick one until you are riding the baby express!

Michelle said...


By they way, if you win my give away, I can throw in some seashells for you. :0)

Jen and Kara said...

Do you know that the IAC is changing the letter format? You might want to check into this before you print tons of letters. Look on the forum for more information. Good luck.

Bobby said...

Jen and Kara--
Yes, I lurk those forums all the time and I saw the discussion about changing to a 4 page letter. You know what? I worked on this damn thing for literally months, gone through a lot of agonizing over the changes they wanted, and on the last couple rounds, wasn't really happy with the changes but I'm fed up with it so I just did it to make them happy and get us on the book. If they think I'm going to start all over again it's not going to happen. I'm sending what we have; we'll work on some changes and they can have those if they run out of the ones we just made. they tell you each time they send one of your letters out?

Jen and Kara said...

Through the forum, you can find a list of the bm stats that the IAC sent letters to each month.
Also, your IAC contact should let you know every month how many letters went out.

Bobby said...

Oh I know we check the forum all the time. I just wanted to make sure you know how many of YOUR letters go out. To make sure they're sending them.