Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day 2009--Part One

It's New Year's morning around 9 or so. I'm putting the finishing touches on cleaning the house since today is our 3rd annual New Year's Brunch. Gregg cooked everything himself, and didn't come to bed until 5:30 this morning. He's still asleep and brunch isn't until noon so I think I'll give him another 30 minutes or so. There's cheesecake, eggs, two kinds of mac & cheese, roasts, all kinds of stuff. I'll do a post later with the complete menu and pictures.

I told Gregg at midnight we were celebrating more then just the new year. This is going to be the year of change. We'll be dads!

Pop over later for the brunch update and pictures.

Happy New Year!


Kate said...

That sounds yummy! I am the only one who cooks in our bunch of friends- so it would be nice to go to someone else's house for good food.

Have a great New Year- I can't wait until you guys are posting pictures of your little one. What a great year this will be for all three of you.

Michelle said...

This will be a very big year for you! Im excited to see whats in it for you 2 Dads!
Yummm...Wish I could join in on all that food!!

Heather said...

Hooray! I love pictures!! I'll be waiting and checking back.

mcbjen said...

Hey guys, thanks for the comment. We do have a lot of crazy stuff going on all the time. Its pretty intertaining at times. I love your blog, you have done great. Its fun to read what everyone is doing. The brunch sounds great, and Kate who left the comment before me is not lying she does all the cooking. She is a wonderful cook, Can only bbq lol - Well I hope you had a wonderful brunch. I am waiting for pictures of your new addition. Have a great day. Jen

Kate said...

Tap, tap, tap we are still waiting on New Year's Day part two...

Must have been a fun day since you have left all your bloggers hanging on by a thread.

Have a great Friday!