Friday, January 23, 2009

Calling All Gay Parents--Birth Certificate Survey

Real quick before I get into my survey question, just an update. We heard back from IAC regarding our letter and they just had a few quick formatting requests. It took me about ten minutes to do and I sent it back. Our counselor loves it, and is showing it to his supervisor. If she likes it, we'll be asked to send them a final, printed card stock hard copy. I know....on and on....but I think we're almost done.

Now my survey. A comment was left on my last post regarding how gay couples handle the names on the birth certificate. I know that is up to the state the child is born in, but I thought it would be fun to see what some of you that have already adopted have ended up with. So, if you're an adoptive gay couple, please comment with the following information:
  • State you adopted in (that issued the birth certificate)
  • Were both parents names on it?
  • How did they "label" you? Parent and Parent? Mom and Dad?
  • And of course, who got to be the opposite sex parent? I'd love to know how you felt about that!


Anonymous said...

Different situation, as my partner is the birthmom and I'm the adoptive (I usually say non-bio) mom.

The first birth certificate stated

Child's name: Kiddo [Partner's last name-My last name]
Mother: My Parter
Father: Blank

The second birth certificate, ordered after the second-parent adoption was complete:

Mother: My Partner
Father: Me

The third birth certificate, ordered with more explicit instructions from my attorney:

Parent: My Partner
Parent: Me


Will your state allow you to adopt together, or will one of you adopt first, then do a second-parent adoption?

No matter HOW you do it, know that you've got a little cheering section up here in (not) sunny Seattle!

Gregg said...
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Gregg said...

Unfortunately AZ has to date not allowed any "co" adoption for gay couples. Most couples still apply every year and every year they say no, but hey I am up for trying someone might just say, I GIVE UP, have it your way fags...LOL.

It sucks as we have to do a Legal Guardianship thing every SIX months. I mean come on, can't it be every so many years, but 6 months?!

Anonymous said...

We are a German couple and adopted our daughter last year in New Jersey. Our daughter was born in PA so her birth certificate was issued there. It looks like this:

(Our daughters name)
Parents Name
(my partners name)
Parents Name
(my name)

We were a little disapointed, because we thought they would write "Father" twice.
We live in Germany as a "married" couple. So we 3 have the same last name.

mygrl said...

Thanks for answering my questions. Adoption sure can be confusing. different state different rules, but then again nothing about adoption is easy.