Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Writing a Letter to ...

I hate having a sense of humor. I was going to call this post "I'm Wri-Ting a Lettah to Da-Dee" but I knew no one would get it but me. Well, me and anyone who loves "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?". I know, campy comedy with both Joan Crawford AND Ms. Bette Davis. Have your laughs, har har har. (Insert fabulous dead movie actresses from the '40's jokes here...)

Anyway, I wanted to report that over the last few days I've taken off work, I finally managed to finish our birthmother letter! I decided to do it in Word after all. I was going to use Adobe, which I've never touched, and it wouldn't load on my laptop. I'm glad it didn't it would have taken me twice as long. I fought with tables, cells, and alignments but it's finally finished. I'm sending it off to the IAC tonight. So I now present to you the finished product, which will be a two sided card stock print. The main picture of Gregg and I will be an actual photo we affix over the printed version. It still may need a little cleanup, and it has to be approved by our adoption counselor at the IAC. Oh and you may see some cell borders, but they won't show up on the printed version.

Check it out here


Michelle said...

Yes! Congrats on the finish! This is another step closer to your baby. Im so happy for you. Now, let me go check it out!

Tim and Louie said...

Bobby, the letter looks awesome! Although, I see that you uploaded it to your server as a Word based document. My concern would be that birth moms wanting to see the document online might not be able to do so if they don't have MS Word installed on their PC.

I know that most people think that MS Word is ubiquitous, but not all PCs come with MS Word and some people purposefully stay away from that product.

So, you may want to see if you can export the letter and save it as an HTML document. I know that in MS Word you can do a Save As an HTML file. I just don't know if you may lose some formatting or something.

Perhaps import it into Google Docs and then use Google Docs to save as HTML.

Bobby said...

Tim and Louie...good point. I meant to convert it to HTML but I guess in my rush to upload it I skipped that step! Thanks for reminding me; I changed it and uploaded the new file. Of course I had to go back and fix all my links, but at least I rememembered to do that instead of finding them broken later!

Tim and Louie said...

Bobby, you may want to check that file again. It seems that it was saved as ".xml", which is fine as long as you use an XML reader to view the file.

"HTML" would be a more universal format. :-)