Thursday, March 5, 2009

And, Breathe...

First, wow, so many well wishes. I'm so grateful to have all you guys out there pulling for us! That's wonderful.

Second, you can relax, we officially terminated our short and sweet dialogue with this potential birthmom. I keep wanting to post details, but I'm not sure it's right. Suffice to say, we knew from the beginning this wasn't going anywhere but when you're doing this, you have to always think there is a chance this really is the one. So we played along for a few days, but after the last email from her, we wrote back wishing her well, but this isn't going to be a match.

We feel good about it, so don't worry about us. What we do know is the system works so far. Besides it's really only been a little over two weeks that we're on the books, so not too bad. Now we wait for the next contact.

If you do want to get excited though, you need to visit Mike and Michael, of which I'm a huge fan. They have some very good news over at their blog...very good! If you've never read their blog, it's a must read.


Michelle said...

Im going to check out their blog! I hope you get that meant to be call soon!

Michael said...

Hey guys,

Thank you for such kind words, and for referring your friends and family over to us. We are truly touched by your kindness.

Having gone through the adoption process once before, and actively going through it now, all I can say is patient, be open (you just never know!), follow your gut and know when to walk away from a situation!