Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summertime Livin'

Sabrina and Daddy go for a swim

Well summer is in full swing here in Arizona.  It really hadn't been too bad until the last two weeks or so, when it's been in the 105-110 range.  Still, that's not bad for the end of June.  June and July can see temps around 115 or more.  The problem is the air just heats up and hangs there and even though there's not much humidity it still feels thick with heat.  It takes some getting used to.  Except for going in the pool once in a while we pretty much stay inside.  Which kind of sucks because things we like to do such as go to the zoo or the park are off limits for the next few months until it cools down a bit.  We've been doing some walks after dinner as the sun is going down, and that's actually not bad.  Still, summer just started and I can't wait for it to be over.

A sunny girl in a sunny land


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Getting bigger and prettier by the day!!!

Had so much fun with everyone on our swim date. I will get the pics posted to our blog some day soon, we are with a new computer and trying to get everything transferred is a pain in the butt!

Still got to plan our zoo date SOON!!!

Malea said...

Sunscreen ,suncreen! You don't want any wrinkles:)

fightpilotswife said...

Awesome pictures!!! And I think I see little Blaze and his their blog, too! :)

Summer has hit Vegas in a major way this weekend but that's the price we pay for not having to shovel snow.

Happy Summertime!!

Michelle said...

What a cutie patootie. I will take your dry heat any day over this tropical walk outside and cant breathe humidity. And we dont even have a pool. Its under construction...since October.

Bobby said...

That's OK Michelle we don't have a pool either! Just a big dry hole in the backyard where the koipond used to be. At 110 degrees, it's taking me longer to fill it in then I thought it would!

Mike and Mike said...

Ironic, you guys wait for the summer to be over and we can't wait for it to begin! We have an above ground pool, tends to be more practical up North, and the girls love the water so far. Swimming lessons next year!

Well dip in when you can...and Rose and Eva have the exact same outfit!

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

AWWW thanks fightpilotswife!

Bobby, you know you Greg and Sabrina are right around the corner and are welcome for a dip ANYTIME!!!!