Friday, June 4, 2010


You Deserve to be Broken Today

McDonald's is recalling it's Shrek glasses because the paint used in the designs contains cadmium, a cancer causing agent that also causes intestinal, liver, and kidney diseases.  They are not recalling the McNuggets, which do the same thing.

We're very careful about what Sabrina eats, but now that she's getting older and becoming more independent, that is getting more difficult.  The first four months or so were of course, formula.  As she transitioned to purees and then solids, all her food was made at home by her Papa.  Gregg loves to cook, and is very good at it.  So I wasn't surprised when he started reading up on baby recipes and preparing her food.  It's not the most convenient thing, as (especially in the beginning) everything needed to be pureed.  Food processors are great for that, but now that she's older and things are chunkier there's a lot of hand chopping.  No problem for Gregg as he can do that Food Network bionic chopping thing where the knife flies through the carrot at lightning speed. When I try it I end up looking like the vegetable.  I keep a ziplock bag of ice handy in case I need to take a finger to the emergency room to be reattached.

Some of her recent meals were Baby California Roll (balls of rice with broccoli, carrot, and fish), Bowtie Pasta with Peas and Chopped Ham, Mini Spaghetti with Chopped Meat, and Balls of Chicken with veggies and breadcrumbs.  We're also big on fresh fruit and vegetables, real cheeses, and yogurt.

Baby Cali Rolls and Chicken Balls

Like anyone, we do go out to eat from time to time.  We let her sample what we're having if it's appropriate, so she's had the occasional French Fry or so.  But we are not fast foodies, so we don't visit those "restaurants".  Tasting a fry once in a while is OK, as long as it's balanced and not served with a side of corporate kiddie toys to make them want to come back for more.  Since I'm on vacation from work this week, we took our first trip to Golden Spoon for a taste of yummy frozen yogurt.  That was a hit, as Gregg makes great fruit sorbets and Sabrina loves that.  I think the cold feels good on those teeth that keep popping in.

So leave the cadmium on the Hannah Montana jewelry, where it belongs, and try some great home made baby food instead.  You can look on Amazon for some of Annabel Karmel's baby recipe books, or you can bug Papa on his blog to post some of his favorite Sabrina meals.  (I've been after him to do that for a while!)  And if worse comes to worst, those Mojo Munchies we made a while back are all natural too, and great for teething.   Because you deserve a break today...from toxic food.


Jimh. said...

I usually do pretty good chopping, but apparently not so good at kitchen safety...almost cut off my foot when I dislodged the large knife from the counter last night...fortunately it hit backward and it was only a puncture wound.

I like the idea of not taking them to kiddie "restaurants." I'll check out his recipes too, if he puts them up.

Anonymous said...

But cadmium adds that extra zing!

For real, though, I'm with you on the feeding children actual food bit.

Michelle said...

Hey Bobby...Im so getting into this whole running thing. I hate that I waited years to do this and cant believe I actually enjoy it. I wish I would have done this sooner. Anyhow,
I do track time and distance. I been using and so far I like it.

Lucy said...

I made all of Little Ricky's baby food and even now that he can eat table food I'm pretty picky about what he eats. I'm just amazed by the crap that is in a lot of food these days and would like to hold off on him ingesting some of that stuff as long as possible. Recently someone asked us if he liked McDonald's and when we said he had never been they were SHOCKED. Shocked that a less than 1 year old hasn't had a Happy Meal yet. I find their assumption that he would shocking!

Mike and Mike said...

We try to cook the girls food as much as possible. But there are times when you just don't have time...fishsticks it is!

We are guilty of Mac and D's supper club, but we discovered that trying to heat their food in a mall is nearly impossible!

The fact of the mater is that unless you grow it or kill it yourself, it's hard to get food without all those extra added preservatives. And I think the girls might get upset if I made venison steaks of the deer that occasionally tromp through our back yard!

Kudos to you, such good daddies...don't let her touch a fry, then you'll be doomed!

Michael said...

Wow...quite a menu. I am impressed. And, to think they want to ship all of you back to your country; indeed!

I am hopeful that we will finish our kitchen and family room remodel this week. Yesterday began week 12...Ugh. Perhaps, by Friday, I will be making such fabulous dishes.