Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ask a Homo

Summer has descended on Arizona.  People are staying indoors unless it's dark out, quickly running from their homes to their cars, and wearing broad hats, dark sunglasses, and long sleeves to cover their skin.  And that's just because of Arizona's new immigration law, never mind the effects of the heat. 

I've been accused of lazy blogging, and rightfully so.  I think it's a combination of settling into a family routine, summer heat, and just slowing down in summer time.  Or possibly booze.  Either way, I think the jolt I need to get going again may come from you guys.  I'd like you to comment on this post by asking me any question you want answered.  Anything, does not matter what the topic is.  (Questions like "When are you going to pay me what you owe?" or "I'm a process server; don't you know you have to answer the door sometime?" might not make it.)  Depending on the questions, I'll either answer them in one list or potentially make a whole post out of some.

So ask.  Me.  Anything.

(Side Note:  I've been asked to be a special guest blogger on my friend Lucy's blog on this coming Saturday.  Be sure to check it out!)


Jennifer said...

Any tips for caring for African hair? We are in the process of adopting an African baby girl and feel helpless when it comes to the African hair! HELP!

Anonymous said...

Do you ever make it down to the much cooler Tucson? No seriously, we're about 8 degrees cooler.

I'll try to think of something more cerebral.

Jimh. said...

In view of the coming movie, Jacob or Edward?

Anonymous said...

Potentially over-deep question, but here goes...

I'm half of a two-mom duo. We have a six-year old daughter and an infant son. When people found out we were two moms with a daughter, it was good great grand. When we found out our second was a boy, suddenly men had questions... "What are you going to do with a boy?" "Will he know any men?" "Are you worried about role models?"

We mostly chose to deflect these questions with humor. My favorite quick response is "Sounds like you're volunteering for a play date! Shall I put you down for catch-and-throw in 2011?"

I imagine in such a momcentric world, you get bombarded. How do you respond to similar questions?

print girl inc said...

Have you found it harder or easier than you thought to be two dads? I mean by the implications of society... I've been reading your blog for a while and love it. Your daughter is simply adorable.

.jon said...

ok here goes:

Blue pill or red pill?

(me personally Red)


Anonymous said...

Do you, Gregg, and Sabrina ever plan to make a trip to Florida?????

Michelle said...

How about a trip to Guam for a play date with Kayla?

More seriously though...Why or what made you decide to start blogging?

I love everyone's answers to this.

Lucy said...

Your guest post is UP!

Thanks so much!

I'll be back later with a question for you. I need to think for a while so I can come up with something good!

Tim and Louie said...

Here's our question:

When are you and Gregg going to get married?

I know that Arizona does not have marriage equality for all couples.

But, you two could take a short trip out to one of the five states and one federal district that does offer equal marriage: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire and Washington D.C.

Granted, even if you did travel out of state to get married, as soon as you get back to Arizona you would once again be "legal" strangers. But, it would still mean something. Even if Arizona does not deem it so.

Louie and Tim

Peter said...

My partner and I are in the very last stages of certification for Colorado's legal-risk (aka foster-to-adopt) program. We will have dozens and dozens of questions, but the one we've been asked that I don't know how to answer is what we'll have a child (or children) call us... my assumption is that the kid(s) will figure it out for themselves, but did you encourage certain names? I'm not sure "Dad" and "Daddy" are really separate names.

Lucy said...

Back with my question and it's not deep or meaningful like some of the others. Oh well...

If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life what would it be? Same question, but what book? And again, but what movie?

Jill said...

You continue to just crack me up!! LOL!
Thanks for the blog comment. I am here to beg your forgiveness for not being a better bloggy friend! LOL! Miss Vivi is quite the handful (to put it mildly) and I must admit Facebook is a bit easier (you on there?) timewise.
Oh wait...there is MY question....are YOU on Facebook?
Hugs, Jill

mommy3 said...

My question is a daddy one, quite fitting and basically intrusive. Will you adopt again? If so, how soon will you start? (I hope you will, hint, hint.)-- and I count on your blog, appreciate your approach to writing (and life).

Milla said...

Did you proceed open adoption or do you know the mother of your daughter?
I'm reading your blog since not so long and I like it a lot. I seems to me that a lot more mommies are blogging, so I'm happy to read the other way round :).