Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday...Shots All Around!

Happy Birthday to Papa Gregg!  Even if it rained and we lost the gold to Canada, I hope you had a fun day.

Sabrina and I spent all afternoon yesterday shopping for two impossible gifts...a pizza oven that fits on the BBQ (I know it's February, but this is the desert, hell-ooo) and a Wii Fit.  What the hell is wrong with you Nintendo?  We get it, the Wii is a hot gift, but just maybe if you made more then like three at a time you'd sell more of them.  Wii Fit has been out for how long now, and still no one has it?  C'mon.

Gregg took Sabrina to her ten month checkup on Thursday.  She was fine in the waiting room, but when they walked in the exam room she freaked out.  She screamed waiting for the doctor, during the check up, and most fiercely, during the vaccinations.  They have "Nurse Weepy" over there who jabs the kids with the needles.  Problem is, she cries just a much as they do.  I can just see Gregg the Vulcan sitting there while the baby and the nurse are balling.  I'm sure he did some eye rolling.  It's a good thing I wasn't there or he'd have to deal with three of us.

We got up early and instead of making Papa a birthday breakfast drove down to the shot clinic at PETCO so the boys could get boosters.  They need them for their stay at the pet hotel while we're in California.  It urks me that I need to drag them down there and pay for the shots when I used to just get them at the pharmacy where they're only $9 and do it myself.  Apparently that isn't good enough for the Pet Hotel.  I'm sure the real reason is they want you to spend the money there on a vet visit.  So, $80 later...ugh.  At least they're set to go, and Sabrina lent moral support so there were no tears this time.

Chase relaxing after a tough day of shots


2momswithaplan said...

Happy Birthday to Gregg! That martini looks delicious! Yum!!!

We just took our dogs in for their shots and spent $180... ugh is right!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Gregg.

I won't even begin to tell you what I spend at the Vet. :)

Karen (and sometimes Casey) said...

Going to the vet is like going to Target. You can never seem to get out of there for less than $80. Happy birthday!

Tim and Louie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Gregg!!!

- Louie and Tim
Cave Creek, AZ

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

WOO HOOO TO CANADA...14 GOLDS IN TOTAL!!! Sorry couldn't resist!

We got 6 months shots next week, for both the kids.

Love the pic of Chase and the martini at the side. Too cute.

Happy Birthday Papa Gregg.

Lucy said...

I'm a little late, but happy b-day to Papa Greg!

Gregg said...

HOW sad am I that I JUST noticed all the WONDERFUL Happy wishes for my 700th birth day. UGH. to think we've been planning HER party since January and I JUST noticed THIS. OK, I only see my GIRL, what can I say!