Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adoption--Get Creative!

Adoption always carries with it some sacrifices, most often monetary.  But sometimes it can be more then that.  Many of you are also followers of Michelle, and her current adoption came suddenly and unexpectedly and brought some degree of financial hardship with it.  But you do what you can to make those dreams come true.  But what if you had to give up everything to create your family?  What would you do?
While we were couped up in our hotel in California waiting for ICPC to clear, I got on our agencies site and found out one of the waiting families lived within minutes of where we were staying.  So I sent them an email just to say "Hi" and wish them luck.  We ended up meeting Rob and Joey for lunch, and they invited us over for dinner one night.  It was great to meet them and we were happy for the hospitality.  We've kept in touch since, and hope they adopt soon.  So far, they are still waiting.

I'm not speaking for them, but wanted to share their story.  They lived in Florida, where men are men and sheep are nervous.  Probably the most restrictive state for gays in the union.  I actually find it ironic that a state that hates gays so much is most famous for "Hanging Chad" (think about it, I'll wait...) and a duck in a Navy outfit with no pants.  Gays cannot marry or adopt children there.  All they can do is be hairdressers or Governor.  But they wanted to have a family, so they sold their house, left their families, and moved to California.  I'm not sure I could actually make that leap.  They put everything on the line for a baby.

But they didn't stop there.  They were out in California alone and put everything they had to the adoption.  So who do you turn to when the adoption expenses really start adding up?  Candy Spelling of course!

Rob and Joey got a spot on the E! channel show Bank of HollywoodIt's a show where you walk on and ask for money, and if the panel likes your story, they give it to you.  They asked for roughly $49,000.  Now they were preceeded by a group of pirates that wanted $600 grand for a pirate ship (denied!) and a Paris Hilton wannabe who wanted something like $30,000 to not work and do...well I don't know what she wanted to do I didn't pay attention to her.  (Neither did the judges because she didn't get a dime.)  Rob and Joey told their story and I think did a great job.  It was really touching.  They'll make great parents some day.  The judges agreed, and they won the cash.  That money will help them if they need to travel out of state when they match or help a birthmother with expenses.  I have to say it's a creative way to make the adoption afordable.  I guess reality shows are good for something.  On the other hand, reality TV has made "The Situation" a household name.  Meh.

Hopefully, this will help get the word out about "These Two Daddies" and help them find a match.  I think the show hits the right demographic.  Rob and Joey, I'd be happy to lend you some space on the blog if you'd like to do a guest post to tell your story...just let me know, and good luck!


2momswithaplan said...

I will add that gays in florida can Foster children.... we just can't keep them forever.

I look forward to the day when our sheep are not so nervous anymore....

I have a dream!

Thank you for sharing the story of Rob and Joey - I hope they get their forever family soon!

E said...

Cool story! I wish Rob and Joey the best in their journey.

Hairdressers and I just saw the documentary "Outrage", so I got that line.

Michelle said...

Your a great writer Bobby, I enjoyed that post, and I sure do hope that Rob and Joey get their baby soon.