Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Open Letter to Beth MacDonald of KEZ Radio

I sent this email to Beth MacDonald, morning radio personality at KEZ 99.9 radio here in Phoenix.  Oh yeah also today's my birthday.  Not that it has anything to do with anything, but just in case you want to send me gifts.  Or cake.  Or a martini.  Or a cake with a martini in it.  Mmm, martini...


As someone who has listened to your show for a long time, I wanted to thank you for the support you showed this morning when speaking about the repeal of Prop. 8 in California. Almost every other voice I heard on the radio over the past couple of days was decrying the decision and the people who fought for it with every nerve they could muster. As a personality on a morning drive show, you don’t have to wade into the political arena but I’m happy to see you are someone that has both the courage and the class to do so when it’s for the right reasons. It doesn’t matter if it’s this, Sheriff Joe’s latest antics, or anything else, sometimes people need to turn on the radio and hear someone speak from the heart once in a while instead of yelling, ranting, and raving.

I am a gay man who has been in a relationship with my partner for over 13 years. Together we have a beautiful 15 month old daughter who is the light of our lives. We pay taxes (more than our fair share because of the extra taxes on domestic partner health insurance), vote, and hang our American flag on the house on patriotic days. We are devoted to our siblings, nieces, nephews, parents, neighbors, and friends. We pay higher car insurance because we’re not married, pay higher interest on our car loans because we’re not married, and can you imagine the nightmare of filing separate tax returns when we have a child and a house to claim? We adopted our daughter from California, a state that (unlike Arizona) allows both of us to be legal parents. Try figuring that out on your taxes!

This isn’t about religion, and it isn’t about special treatment. It’s about our fair share of the American dream. I’d like to know how I’m supposed to explain to my little girl when she’s older why her parents aren’t married. Do I tell her that her family isn’t good enough? That we’re less than a family? That we’re not supposed to even be together? How will that make her feel? Civil unions don’t cut it because even with the rights that come with them just the fact that they’re not called marriage implies that our relationship isn’t good enough and less then equal to straight marriage. Hell, it’s a good thing we don’t have a boy because apparently we’re not even qualified to be Cub Scout Leaders.

I just want people to know that we’re not a faceless group of “others” trying to stir up trouble. We’re your families, your neighbors, co-workers, and classmates. We’re real people with real feelings. We struggle with bills, our busy schedules, our kids, and our jobs just like everyone else does. We’re also Americans. Thank you Beth, for reminding people of that.

I’m going to post this letter on my blog, Those Two Daddies, to let my followers know you stand with us and other Americans in the fight for equal rights and fairness for everyone.

Thank you.


And Beth's almost immediate response...

Dear Bobby,

Just received your email as I'm heading off to bed. I will always be on your side on this issue and will continue to speak out about it. Fortunately, the vast majority of the emails I received today were in support. We'll get there!

I applaud you for the tremendous effort you have put into having a happy family. You deserve the rights afforded to all other Americans...

This country must learn from its past mistakes. We cannot let the tyranny of the majority trample on the rights of the minority.



Thanks Beth!  You rock.  Or, soft rock, as your station doesn't play much actual rock.  But well, you get the general idea.


Michelle said...

That was so well said Bobby that it brought tears to my eyes. I cant believe this day and age things are like this. It is changing, slowly but still. I consider you a friend, and this hurts that my friends are treated like this simply because of who they love. Not fair. At all.

And yet, you still crack jokes. Love it.

Tepary said...

I'm with Michelle, in tears. Well said and well done Beth MacDonald.

Kristin said...

Usually you make me laugh, Bobby. But this morning you've made me cry (and I'm glad to see I'm not the only softie!).

Great letter. I hope Beth reads it to her listeners or it gets broader exposure somehow!

Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you got cake for breakfast!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

IMHO no state/government should issue 'marriage' licenses - only licenses for civil unions for one and all and only judges (or some other state official/lawyer/whomever) can officially join a couple-men, women or one of each - doesn't matter.

If you also want a religious marriage ceremony, fine, but the real deal is the civil union for one and all.

The only reason the state is interested in 'marriage' is so that it can be taxed (license fees) and to deal with property rights, etc.

Even Mexico City recognizes same sex unions.

Next we can tackle our draconian drug laws...

C.I.W. said...

*tear* that is a wonderful letter-- and how nice it must have been for her to receive some support right before heading to bed. I bet you made her day :)

If it makes you feel good, for breakfast, I had cake to honor your big day. It was delish.

Happy birthday !!!!


Kristin said...

Oy! I forgot. So sorry!

Happy (belated) birthday!!

Bellygirls said...


This was a fantastic letter. You totally put into words what so many of us feel everyday! Thank you.

And bravo to Beth MacDonald! We need more people like her to stand with us in the fight for equality.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday! How old are you now??? ;)

Tim and Louie said...

Woo Hoo! Awesome letter, Bobby! And so very glad to learn that Beth is all for equal rights!

- Louie