Saturday, October 17, 2009

Goodbye Little Micky

Our green parakeet, Little Micky, died today.  He was about seven years old.  Poor Little Micky.

I always liked parakeets.  I had some when I was a kid.  I had one, Comet, that I trained to do all kinds of circus tricks.  To show what kind of a nerd I was, at 13 my first article was published.  It was a corny poem about parakeets in American Cage Bird Magazine.  Yeah I know, not the coolest kid in the world, I mean what kid has a subscription to that?  My parents must have thought I was a weirdo.  Well we still have the cockatiels, Marty and his son Maxie.

We'll miss you Little Micky.

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Kristin said...

Sorry for your loss. I'm sure Micky had a good life for a little bird, living with your family.