Monday, September 22, 2008

A Day at the Lake

Just a quick one...I took The Boys out on my parents boat with us this you can see they had a fun day! They were in the water the entire time, as usual. I swear those two are part fish.


Two Moms With A Plan said...

Hello! How is the adoption process going? I was thinking of you two last week. A friend of mine is involved with a woman whose daughter is 2 months pregnant. Her daughter is very reckless and selfish and can barely take care of the 2 year old she has now. Did I mention she is only 19? Anyways... she is now saving to have an abortion. Horrible... I know. But I thought of you guys. I thought, why can't she just give her baby up for adoption to a couple as loving as you two instead of ending a beautiful life? I wanted to know what hoops she would have to jump through if she did go the adoption route?

I hope you both are doing well. I love the picture of the puppies swimming. My dog is terrified of water!

Bobby said...

Well her best bet would be to contact an agency like the Independent Adoption Center (link on the side of the blog) as they do free counseling (as a matter of fact all birthmother services are free) and they could help her get a feel for making the right decision. As you know Florida is not the most gay friendly adoption state, even with that recent court ruling I bet a gay couple would face a legal nightmare!

Ha we thought of you this weekend too. We were at a friends house and met two moms with two kids they had through in vitro. They were so cute!