Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well, here we go!

Another project that was supposed to get off the ground years ago...blogging. Blogging sat around in the same dusty space of my brain as painting, art classes, learning to create iron artwork, writing the Great American Novel, starting an internet business, and rebuilding the koi pond. At least I've gotten a little better, I have actually been painting and did at least take a watercolor class with Michelle. Now there is a reason to start the blog project, or at least a more important reason then before. I want to detail our adoption adventure so we can share it with friends, keep my brain relaxed, and eventually show it to Baby Faced Finster so he or she knows how the family came to be. I don't think I'll start from the beginning, I think I'll start with now and use flashbacks to fill in the blanks (should make my English professors happy--literary devices and all...). So onward and upward...

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