Saturday, April 19, 2008

Random stuff and a thought from The Boys

Just a few things real quick...
  • We finally finished our first draft of the Birth Mother Letter (BM Letter) and sent it off to Lane for review. He said he will look at it and get back to us next week. Since I helped write it it's way too long since I'm very wordy. If you're still even interested in this blog you've figured that out already. The section called "About Bobby--by Gregg" made me tear up. That goober really does love me...hee hee. No, I'm not publishing it here, but I will let you see it once it's completed.
  • We uploaded some pictures to MyPhotoBucket that we are considering for the letter and website. Lane will help us pick those out too. I have a lot more to scan in and put up. You can see them in the post above.
  • A note from The Boys...Ripley and Chase
    They are adopting a baby. It's human. We want a kitten.
    I love jumping! I love playing! Who cares what they do can we go to the Dog Park PLEASE!!!

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