Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guitar Hero

This weekend seems to have been guitar weekend for us in the sense that we encountered them wherever we went.  That's fine for Sabrina as the guitar seems like it's becoming one of her favorite instruments.  Well besides slamming plastic bowls on the floor to make the loudest noises possible.  I like to tell myself that toddlers are attracted to music naturally, although it could just be that since they don't sit still and are basically 30" tall over caffeinated jumping beans we add background music and call it dancing.  Let's face it, if you're constantly babbling, jumping all over the place, laughing uncontrollably, and making a gigantic mess while demanding to be the center of attention, you're either a toddler or Charlie Sheen.  Music just pulls it all together.  And the strumming of an acoustic guitar seems to be her favorite.  Probably because she's a big Laurie Berkner Band fan, and loves those videos.

I didn't even know she could say "guitar" but it came out when we were at her cousin's first birthday party and there was a boy there that was playing one.  Seven years old and working on "Stairway to Heaven".  Not bad.  I know there are two camps on this, one who thinks that song is the ultimate ever written, and the other one (that I fall into) that feels it's played as a cruel irony in the elevator as you're descending into Hell.  Regardless, this kid was trying his best on it, and Sabrina kept pointing and saying "Guitar".  Well in between intermittently joining the herd of kids and running around like a pack of wild emus.

Out to dinner on Sunday at "our place", a cozy wine bistro near our home, the entertainment was again a woman who could play literally anything on acoustic guitar and make it sound like that's exactly what it was written for.  I was tempted to request some Lady Gaga, and something told me she could pull it off.  After dinner we sat and watched her for a bit.  Sabrina, not to be outdone by a professional musician, started doing a toddler version of "air guitar" by strumming her tummy along with the music.  The other diners loved that they now had a music and comedy act going at the same time.  The real chuckle came when she started pumping her hands in the air and "whoo whoo-ing" as she raised the roof.

Yep, I thought, I taught her that.  Smile.


Anonymous said...

I think Justin Bieber got his start at Sabrina's age doing the very famous air guitar. Sabrina may just as well be the next Biebs... but with better hair, of course! ;)

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday to your very handsome Husband! I hope he enjoyed his day. ;)

Anne said...

LOL, "you're either a toddler or Charlie Sheen"- :)

mommy3 said...

I love the progression of your profile photos.

Bobby said...

Thanks Susan!