Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Gave at the Office

I finally did something I've been saying I was going to do for years now.  No, I didn't start my own 70's style variety show, but don't worry that's still on the back burner.  I officially became an organ donor.  I think it's something that you need to resolve with yourself internally before you can actually do it.  I think for a lot of people there is an initial gut reaction to not do it.  Thinking about your own mortality is hard enough, but then thinking about body parts being removed and scattered around is well, unsettling.  Once you get past the fact that that's OK (because you're, you know, dead and all) you can think about it more rationally.  So as I was renewing my truck registration online, I clicked the link to organ donation and signed up.  I'm pretty sure most states offer this via their Motor Vehicle Departments.  And really, what better place to troll around for body parts than MVD?  If they're not picking up organs off the freeway they're at least sucking out your will to live while you wait in those damn lines.  "Now calling A-34".  Crap I'm J-51.  Just pluck out my spleen and we'll call it even.

I don't have any religious convictions that would stop me from doing it (mostly because I don't have any religious convictions to begin with) so I didn't need to wrestle with that.  I know for some people that's a consideration but after my 20's (OK and 30's) I'm sure my liver isn't going to be allowed into heaven anyway.  I just keep thinking about the people I could potentially help.  Corneal transplants can actually restore sight to blind people.  That to me is amazing.  Could you imagine living your whole life without sight, and then waking up after what I found out is outpatient surgery and suddenly being able to see?  It must be what Lindsey Lohan feels like when she gets out of rehab.  The idea that your heart can keep beating or your lungs can still take breath and keep someone else alive once you're gone is incredible. 

Now that I'm a parent, I worry about not being around for my child.  If I had a chance to receive a gift like this from someone which allowed me to live and watch my baby grow, to just be there for her, I'd be eternally grateful.  I can't think of anything greater you could give another person.  Backstage passes to Cher come close...

Oh the best part--after they remove whatever they're taking, they do reconstructive work so you look fabulous in the coffin.  I've specified they can have my organs in exchange for killer cheekbones.  Imma look fierce in that casket!

To learn more about organ donation, check it out at Donate Life.


Tim and Louie said...

Very cool, Bobby!

Although, I find it interesting that gay men are not allowed to donate blood, yet they are fine with us donating our organs?

Must be run by two different outfits, I suppose.

- Louie

Jill said...

Yeah Bobby! Welcome to the "family". It took me awhile also. Before I became a mom, but around the time I began to realize it WASN'T all about me. (and that time just flat out sucked to get over! lol!)
And as always, funny post on a more serious subject! :)

Michelle said...

Good job Bobby. When I first started driving before I was married I was not an organ donor. I didnt think much of it...hey, I was only 17...I only did it because I knew that is what my Mom did.

Then I got married to the Air Force (ha) and had to get a new military ID and on it, there is spot for a a little heart if you are an organ donor. And right away, no hesitation, I said yes. And Im glad I did. God please forbid something happen to me- I would love to be able to help or even save another life.

If you like Will Smith and havent seen the movie Seven Pounds, should. Its a GREAT movie. Its a movie about almost the same thing you just blogged about...and besides hes a good actor, and I admit...he's hot.

Here is the description:
Distraught over his wife's death -- and convinced that his own actions had something to do with it -- a depressed IRS agent (Will Smith) begins plotting his suicide, vowing to improve the lives of seven strangers in the process. But a chance meeting with a woman who has a life-threatening heart defect (Rosario Dawson) makes him think twice when their budding relationship suddenly feels a lot like love.

I love your blog Bobby. You crack me up.

2momswithaplan said...

Way to go Bobby! I became a donor a long time ago... I figured, I'm not going to need those parts after I'm dead and if someone else can use them... then by all means! :)

P.S. If you continue to make me laugh while I read your blog at work, I may get fired. Just sayin.. ;)

P.P.S - I apologize if this comment shows multiple times... just delete the others and keep this one.

Stacey said...

Love your sense of humour. Good for you for signing up! I'm signed up too. :)