Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Be A Sport

Going to Water Day at Day Care

This kid loves the water.  Bath time is a whirlwind of excitement.  It starts by Sabrina pulling the shower curtain over so she can start throwing toys into the dry tub.  I'll turn on the water and undress her down to her diaper while it fills.  When I say "OK let's take off your diaper so we can get in the bath" she takes off to her bedroom for the one time of day when it's not a fight to keep her from jumping off the changing table.  As soon as the diaper's off I put her down, hand her a clean wash cloth, and off she runs naked and screaming that high pitched little girl excitement shriek that puts a smile on your face while it decimates your eardrums.  Move too slow on the wash cloth and she'll grab whatever garment happens to be in reach and takes that with her.  You better catch her though, because whatever it is will be tossed into the tub as soon as she's within range.  A one, two, three, and she's baby lifted into the still filling tub, where she claps her hands and puts her head under the running water. 

So, I'm thinking swimming.  We signed up for classes right before her birthday, but then she got sick so we had to cancel.  I think we'll sign up again to begin in August.

This got me to thinking.  Lots of times I see kids enrolled in sports that don't really seem to be enjoying themselves.  We want her to be active and athletic, and she's got more energy then...well then I have.  She likes playing with her ball, so soccer may eventually be a good fit.  Gregg and I are more sports watchers then players.  I'm hoping by exposing her to sporting events from an early age will help her develop an interest.  Some of the sports we like to watch are:




We did watch some World Cup Soccer while America was pretending to care about it...

And an occasional Drag Race...

So tell me...how did you decide what sports to channel your child's energy into?  At what age did you actually enroll in one?


Cora said...

Sounds like swimming is a great place to start. I can't wait to be able to take my little guy to the pool someday.

jaenkes said...

Our 9yr old son did swimming lessons from the baby/parent classes on up, until age 7. It was great and he loves the water still.

He started Little League at 7. I asked him the prior 2 yrs and he wasn't interested (same on soccer). Once he was ready, it has been his all consuming sport! He plays spring and fall league and watches it on tv whenever he can. In fairness, my partner/wife played softball her whole life and has been a great "coach". He wants to play football, but we refuse to let him play (it's full tackle) until he's a little older. It's too much: time, money and risk. He's going to a Flag Football 3day camp this summer, to let him get a taste of the game.

Malea said...

lmao that drag race seems like a sure thing:D

Michelle said...


That was a good laugh.

We havent really decided on sports. Kayla hasnt really shown intrest in sports. She isnt the run around ball of full of screaming energy. She'd rather sit on the floor with a pile of books and read to herself. So I dont know. Of course, we would encourage sports should she start showing the interest.

I would love to see her do soccer, or t-ball. Or she may be like me as a kid and want nothing to do with any sport involving a ball and instead go for ballet and tap dance. ;0)

Saran said...

LOL - poor Rooney will never live that down (that's the English soccer player who well....)

Anyhow swimming - Eoin started at about 13 months old and now can swim a good 5 meters on his back or front. But his favorite is diving. His swim teacher reckons he should play water polo!

Complete side note but our cat sitter is addicted to your site.

Bobby said...

Yeah, cat sitters dig me.

Mickey said...

I don't watch sports... Oh my God, what was I missing all these years? I didn't realize it was so exciting!

mommy3 said...

Don't forget gymnastics or dance, the all-time fave of some girls and boys. Both my son and daughter loved both for several years. Swimming is a biggie, though, for many reasons, whether our children love or hate water. Reminding me, thank you, that our littlest, Alexis, also needs August lessons -- or in the fall. Check to see if there's an inside pool where you live, too; then you can have winter lessons, yippee! Love the sports photos, btw.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! I just about fell out of my chair laughing! Hilarous!!!

No advice on the sports front so I will say that Sabrina is adorable... as always!

~Katie said...

Hahahaaaaaaaa. Hilarious!!!!

Stacey said...

OMG I am dying laughing at those sport photos! Awesome!!!

We signed Riley up in soccer for 2 year olds but she wasn't interested. We will try Jackson because he seems more interested in sports/running. Riley loves dance class the most and swimming was alright as well, although we pulled her because we have a pool at home and teach her ourselves. I think it depends on the child and there's always some kind of sport out there.

As someone who has a brother in hockey and a family who is obsessed with it, that's the only sport I really want to avoid. If the kids want to join, fine. But I'm not choosing that one for them!

Chantelle & Cyndi our life said...

You are so feaking funny. Got love your humor.
I think Dance would be fantastic. Any dance. Ballet, Jazz, contemp., tap, hiphop, stepping.

PS can me trade you the mamamama for the dah dah dah dah dah dah.

We miss you both would love to get togtehr again.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! There isn't much that can make me laugh out loud, particularly alone, but Be a Sport did it.

Thanks for brightening my day.

Bobby said...

Well thank you for that!