Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Achy Breaky Ears


Last night saw a playful nothing's wrong phase, followed by a screamfest right before bed, but no fever most of the day.  A little cranky this morning, no fever, so off to day care.  I called around 1 this afternoon and they said she wasn't eating her solids and was definately not the life of the party she usually is.  They said she even had a small breakdown after I left this morning, which is not her style. 

Just got word a few minutes ago they called Gregg, she has a fever.  So he's off to pick her up.  He usually gets her around 3:30 or so anyway, so she almost made it.  Poor Chipmunk.


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

AWWWW, poor sweet baby girl! It sucks to see your child sick.

Happy be-lated birthday Miss. Sabrina!

We are going to SwimKidsUSA at the 101 and Guadalupe. WE love it there and Blaze is now been in almost 3 months.

We will not only have to have dog Park dates, but baby swim dates!!!

Michelle said...

Hope she feels better soon. Its not fun seeing your baby girl feel sick.

Anonymous said...

Awww poor thing! I hope she feels better soon!