Thursday, January 7, 2010

No, Please, Take Your Time

Here we are now in January of 2010.  Sabrina is closing in on 9 months old and her adoption is still not final.  It should have been done when she was somewhere between 6-7 months, so we've been trying to get this finished since the end of October.  First our lawyer (who actually, I love and think does a fantastic job) took a long time to get us the documents we needed to sign.  Since he's in Northern California and we're here in Righteous Town AZ, we couldn't just go get them.  We signed and sent them in and got them back about mid December.  (I'm sure they were slowed down by the War.  No not that one.  The War On Christmas.  You need to watch more Fox News...)  I had to get some copies, then sent them off to the adoption agency.  They were closed the last two weeks, so they only just sent their part off to the court yesterday.  Once they finally get there, we'll be able to get a date for the hearing.  I'm telling you, if you had to do all this to have a baby every time, the History Channel's "Life After People" would be happening in one generation.  I just hope we get it all finished before the end of the month.  I can see it now, "Sorry Sabrina you can't go to the Prom, we have to go finalize your adoption".


Leah said...

Wow. . . sorry it's taking so long to get finalized. Hope it all happens very shortly. :-D

Michelle said...

Im so sorry Bobby. That really sucks. But either way, she is yours. And she will be your forever little girl no matter what or how long the finalization takes. I hope too that it happens sooner rather than later. Adoptions should not cost this much or take this long that is for sure.

Heather said...

Aww! It sounds perfectly frustrating! Wouldn't be great if men and women were still men and women with their regular bits but had the ability to produce whichever part of the equation they needed? How great would it be to just have a part Greg-part-Bobby? Although - you can't deny that little lady - she's something special in her own right!

Hope it irons out soon. We're cheering for you!
[seriously? 9 mo already?! we are baaad gift slackers, it's here, on a shelf. terrible, terrible lesbians!]

Bobby said...

LOL Heather...we thought of that! We don't know what you got but we were hoping you have a girl so you could, you know, use it!

Oh I'm sorry but that is TOO Funny! LMAO

BellaDaddy said...

Our fingers are crossed for your family...the time will come...guaranteed ;-)

P.S. nope, was Enhanted Island in Encanto Park...altho, we love the railroad park too...:-)


Anne said...

Just delurking to say your little girl is adorable! I am a single mom who adopted my daughter from the Foster Care system. Talk about a long frustrating process!!! But obvioulsy more than worth it in the end:) If you would like to check out my blog, feel free to email me at, and I'll send you an invite.
PS: I thought your comments on "Ani's" blog were great, btw.

Jason, as himself said...

Our adoption was legal over a year after we gained custody, and it was a smooth one, relatively few difficulties. Just soooo much red tape.

Hopefully, it will be shorter for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Our kids came early and our legal stuff wasn't finished in time. We went a few days with the surrogate as part legal guardian. It was tricky. Since the kids were in the NICU she had to be in on all the medical decisions. We felt so much better after she was off the "title." I hope your papers are signed, sealed and delivered-- soon!