Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jingle Bell Stop

Well the holidays are finally over.  The tree is down and at the recycling center, the halls are undecked, and the local radio station has stopped playing bad Mariah Carey Christmas songs and now just plays bad Mariah Carey in general.  I have to admit I'm glad.  This year I really tried to keep up the Christmas spirit all the way from Thanksgiving until the 25th of December.  It's not easy.  First, there are really only about 40 or so Christmas songs and they are played ad nauseum for a month.  I'm sorry, but you can only take so much.  By the time the new year arrives, you want to kick the stuffing out of one of Santa's elves.  Second, every time you turn around someone else wants money for something.  "You have to give to help the homeless"; "Please donate to the Salvation Army"; "If you don't send money we're turning off the electricity"; blah blah blah. 

Monday things will be back to normal.  For our last day of vacation we went to the Railroad Park in Scottsdale.  It's a fun park I've blogged about before, and the only drawback it has is that it's full of people from Scottsdale.  We met my sister Tricia and her daughter Lily.  We had fun riding the train, the merry go round, and playing in the playground. 

Family Swing Time

Happy Cousins

Once we got home, Sabrina wanted to play around a bit before dinner.  She gave Chase some lessons in how to play with plastic bowls.

"What?  We're just playing."

"Pay attention Chase"

Now a bath, then bed.  Ah, finally Those Two Daddies can have a glass of wine and relax!  Hope you all had a great New Year's!

"What do you mean I have to put my PJ's on?"


Kate said...

Happy New Year- she is getting to big- stop feeding her so she will stop growing!

Love Greg's shirt!

Michelle said...

She is getting big. Love the family pic of her in the swing. You can really see how tall she has gotten.

Bobby said...

Yes Kate, his shirt is holiday festive...that IS what you mean right?

Jill said...

YEAH! You recycle, despise hearing Christmas music non-stop from Thanksgiving on, AND you "dislike" Mariah Carey's music! You ROCK LOL!

Happy New Year to you guys too! Here's to an awesome 2010!

Out of curiousity, are you planning to adopt again? Just me being nosy! LOL!

2momswithaplan said...

I hear ya... I'm kinda happy to have Christmas done and over with!

I'm lovin the pictures. It looks like Sabrina and Chase really have a great relationship!

Anonymous said...

So tell me how you really feel about folks from Scottsdale!
Happy New Year and good wine drinking!

mommy3 said...

Ahh, the evenings without wine aren't the same, ha. Love Ms. S interacting with your doggies. First words happening yet?

jaysinwantsu03 said...

Happy New Year Guys!!!!!! SO Happy it's over on this end too... I kept up the holiday cheer throughout the season as well.. It wasn't to hard until those last few days of everyone like you said wanting something.. Thank goodness it's over.. But I can't wait till next year LOL... Anywho Love the Picture's and Sabrina is so Beautiful. Keep them coming.. Oh yeah we had a scammer contact us yestarday about a 10 month old girl named Sabrina.. We talked to the IAC peeps and they just happened to have remembered the name of the poster.. Thank God for that.. But still a let down.. But hay at least we are getting some recognition right ...

Jane Ug-Lbc said...

Soooooooooo Cute!

Anonymous said...

What is it with people from Scottsdale? My dad and his girlfriend want to move down. Should I warn them?

I said Santa Fe, NM, but they are set on Scottsdale.

birthmothertalks said...

I think your doggy is going to eat your baby's foot. :) just kidding. They both are super cute.